No Mercy


As I sit in my office pondering my faith
Thoughts of me sitting on your face
Come to mind and I lose my direction
Wishing you were here, so I could fondle your erection

Laying on your back, I thought, at my mercy
I hover over your face, my delectable juicy pussy
No where to run, nowhere to hide
I straddle your face and begin to ride

Pussy engulfed by your delicious sexy mouth
Lips meet lips, and both begin to pout
You caress my love button with strokes wet and juicy
Your tongue skillfully traces over the lips of my pussy

Making me writhe and buck and rub on your face
Faster now, as you pick up the pace
You know this pussy from the inside out
You tickle, and poke boldly, with no doubt

Sweet nectar covers nose, lips and chin
Juices outside, that came from within
You suck and lick, it's good to the last drop
Delicious and sweet, the cream of the crop

Hands on your head as I pull it to my pussy
You suck even harder making me even more horny
My clit is being attacked engulfed by sweet lips
Cause me to sway and swing my hips

I call your name out loud as I gyrate with intensity
As I come on your face, and lose a part of me
No letting up, no letting go, hands on hips
Orgasm after orgasm, through my body, they rip

I beg you to stop, but you hold me tight
Lips still on pussy, sucking with might
I scream and squirm and buck and cum
On my honey pot, you begin to hum

Sweating and cuming no end in sight
I say please baby, we've got all night
No words are spoken you continue to eat
My pussy explodes with a gushing heat

Cumming again and again have some mercy
Pussy in spasms and throbbing hotly
I fall back onto your body, no strength to endure
You tell me, we've only just begun, prepare for more

I feel your sweet erection throbbing near my face
I roll over, with my mouth I embrace
I suck and tickle and lick your delicious cock
You hold my head down, you begin to rock

Licking balls, shaft, tip over and over
You lay me on my back, then over me, you hover
Ass, balls and cock hanging over my face
I lick them and suck them , your ass, I embrace

Sweet pre cum, like nectar thick and juicy
Out of my mouth, cock buried in my pussy
You stroke me long, hard and slow
Sucking my breasts, nipples begin to grow

Nipples, teeth, love juices and moans
Tongue in mouth, delicious, so I groan
We make slow sultry love for what seemed like hours
Love fragrance in the air, reminds me of flowers

You caress and lick and please me so gently
I love your cock, cock loves my pussy
We embrace and fuck, and kiss and grind
Lost in loves light, two souls sublime

Bodies stiffen, hugs tighten hips grind hard
The feeling, the passion, we cannot discard
You're cuming, I'm cuming, bodies in heat
Satisfaction, obsession, delicious....sweet

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