No Regrets


At first friendship, we just clicked
There was a spark, a hint of something rare
I saw myself, the essence of me, in him
It was like looking into a soul mirror

Then love like no other, love so overwhelming
Wonderful and painful, almost too much to bear
Emotional overload, I know now what they meant
I found my soul mate, but everything was wrong

Time and distance against us, fate was cruel
To have him I would have to lose everything
I could give up my life, but I can’t ruin theirs
Love really does hurt, it’s not just a saying

Never had I known true love, nor such pain
But the agony was worth it, he woke me up
Before him I was dead, existing in the dark
The spark turned to fire then almost went out

But for a time I knew sunsets and magic and passion
Then it faded away, left with treasured memories
A glimpse of euphoria, forever saved in my mind
Never would I forsake the pain if it meant losing the joy

Love completely
No Regrets

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