tagNon-Erotic PoetryOde to mildew

Ode to mildew

byAdrian Leverkuhn©

Ode to mildew

Dust and mildew...stirred up dry
some would wander...while others cry
lost vision renew...we could dignify
the world we knew...tears would simplify
the passage of time...to youth we crucify

To the coming of night...who stands to deny
that late-blossomed love...in light could demystify
the lessons of pain...was it too late to imply
that in the shadow of reluctance...to those for whom love would quantify
the measure of eternity...lost in a heart's sigh

Love waits...head held high
in gentle breeze...no need to justify
that time in abeyance...in shadow does time nullify
light that would lead...life that would clarify
a journey denied...a walk in the sky

In limitless life...in a world that would falsify
the meaning of time...time that would horrify
these shadows would stand...negation would codify
the passage of love...in time that would petrify
the arc of life...would that money could buy

The gift of time...whose gift would electrify
the joining of hands...come to eternify
the measure of her chord...to whom will she sanctify
the union of souls...in love that would specify
that he wait for her...lost in her lullaby

“Adrian Leverkuhn”

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