tagNon-Erotic PoetryOld Bronc Rider!

Old Bronc Rider!

byUncle Pervey©

Old Windy was a "Sidewinder,"
He was an old "bronc" rider,
And rode in rodeos throughout the land.
But today he was out of luck,
The draw he was given sucked!
Old Whirlwind was a "Horse" that should be banned.

Whirlwind had a reputation,
He'd gained with dedication.
The meannest "bronc" of all the rodeos!
He'd corkscrew with a twist and pitch,
And toss the Son-of-a-bitch,
Old Whirlwind threw them off both fast and slow!

Old Windy was feeling some glum,
He felt his luck was all bum,
He had a fear this might be his last ride.
So he got a bottle of Rye,
And settled in with a sigh.
He figured he wouldn't know when he died!

Old Windy staggered to the chute,
By a circuitous route.
And at last he got mounted on Whirlwind.
When the "Chute man" opened the door,
The crowd let out a loud roar,
Old Windy thought at last he'd met his end.

That horse threw Old Windy so high,
He saw a buzzard fly by,
He stayed up so long he thought he'd growed wings.
When he hit the ground the dust flew,
And six feet of dirt he chewed,
When he got up all he heard were bell rings.

Old Windy was feeling dizzy,
His scrambled brain was frizzy.
But he managed to make it to the fence.
The loud ovation of the crowd,
Was making him feel some cowed.
All the shouts and applause just made no sense!

Then he heard that announcer say,
"We've seen three high scores today.
He was laughing while tears rolled down his face,
"Old Windy's set four new high scores,
They've never been set before.
He set them high and that's shore no disgrace!"

"Windy was longest in the air,
He raised the most dust right there.
And he hit the ground hardest of them all.
He ate more dirt than all the rest,
He's the four-time-winner's best."
And wasn't that a real grand piercing squall?"

Old Windy's anger was on fire,
He was thinking he'd retire.
He glanced up and saw the sky was sunny.
He looked at the ground as he walked,
And groused to himself and talked,
"That there ride just wasn't a bit funny!!"

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