tagErotic PoetryOur First Time

Our First Time


I close my eyes...picture another place, another time,

Where all else disappears but you and I,

My pulse starts to quicken and I let out a sigh,

I feel your heated-hungry mouth devouring mine,

You nip my lips and taste of my desire,

Only catching a glimpse of the inner fire,

You see the blaze in my emerald eyes,

You discover the wanton soul I can no longer disguise,

I abandon the restraint that has chained me for so long,

You reach for me and I let go,

Giving over to you all that is me,

You have control…I surrender complete release,

Your hands trace the curve of my neck and find my breast with swollen, taut peaks,

Trailing on down to discover the center of my fire, finding it moist with heat,

My hands find the hardness of your need and start to caress,
You have me stand, and I start to undress,

Revealing to you all that is about to be yours,

For now, forever more,

My fingers tremble and I blush,

Prisoner to this need, a captive of this lust,

Your eager eyes watch my every move, waiting,

Your body is anticipating,

As my fingers slide my panties down,

My clothes lie in a pool on the ground,

Before you I stand,

A woman giving herself to a man,

Allowing you to consume all that is me,

To enrapture and encapture eternally,

I lower my eyes, shy of my own needs,

You slowly unclothe before me,

As I watch your manliness unfold,

My passions grow bold,
Your hot hardness is unveiled to me,

I lower down onto my knees,

I take the tip of you to my lips,

Softly I begin to kiss,

Inhaling your scent,

Eyes closed, head bent,

I taste you and my senses go wild,

I begin to lick and suck, you’ve given candy to a child,

As I ease you in and out of my hot, wet mouth,

I realize this is what I’ve dreamt about,

The salty-smoothness deep within my throat,

I feel you tense, and your passion starts to coat,

I swallow and moan,

You grip my head…and jerk, and groan,

You explode and time seems to stop,

My heart is pounding and my blood is running hot,

You pick me up and lie me on my back,

You kiss me deep and tell me to relax,

Then you slide down between my thighs,

I start to tremble and I let out a sigh,

You smile up at me knowing I am scared,

Opened up before you, all vulnerable and bare,

You tease my moistness with your toungue,

You smile at what my desire and need for you has done,

Hot and wet, You lap at me,

I start moaning and thrashing almost instantly,

My thighs tighten around your head,

My hands force you deeper and I start to beg,

Please, MMM, Yes……Ohhhh….More….

You slide your fingers in and start to explore,

The inner most parts of me you have yet to claim,

Making me scream, and cry out your name,

I arch my hips and my body begins to spasm

Your toungue becomes frenzied as you bring me to my first orgasm,

I cry out and claw the bed,

My thighs clench down on your head,

The room starts to spin,

Starts to ease off, then begins again,

My body jerks and quivers,

At the last masterful strokes your toungue delivers,

As I lay panting and gasping, you flip me over on all fours,

You kiss the nape of my neck…whispering what’s instore,

“My dear, that was only the start of what the night will bring,”

With that you ease your eager hardness into me,

I gasp at the intensity and you stroke my back,

Pushing deeper in and trying to get me to relax,

You start a rhythm and proceed to take all of me,
With each thrust you increase the momemtum and pick up speed,

Pounding me and making me scream,

Taking me beyond all my fantazies, beyond all my dreams,


We escape into a world no one else knows,

You own me, heart, body and soul,

Together we experience things never told,

We arch and cry out commencing the dance,

Only to revisit each time we merely touch hands.

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