tagErotic Poetryour infinite romance

our infinite romance


i'm a faggot. i must share with my wife my "paramours, whose flesh is as the flesh of asses, and whose issue is like the issue of horses." ezekiel 23:20
my wife and i will always love each other, but she is much closer to her new lover.

(fuck god into me with your nigger horse cock.)
i want to be knocked up by a nigger. the african man is stronger, superior, more masculine. i want to suck on this supreme source of sperm, black seed, god juice..
everything tingles and throbs now that we worship black cock.
my wife is in love again. he lets me drink his seed sometimes but he loves my wife, not me. he is a hard, strong black man. he satisfies my wife.
my eretion salutes his superior masculinitiy, praying for my wfie to conceive.
god bless this seed. we worship nigger dick now. i love her more than ever.
as he plugs her loving cunt and buries his seed in her, he extinguishes my family line.
my worthless dick spit dribbling out, making my spasms slick with horny hardcore impotence.
i will do my best to be a good father for my wife's baby when it comes. i am part of the family too afer all. my wfife just isn't attracted to me compared to the love she has for his superior manhood.

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