tagNon-Erotic PoetryPast and Present

Past and Present


Emerging like a samba, thoughts
drum over my body, even now
when all he does is call on me.

I'm still stuck in that dream.
My head floating on irridescent
otherworldly sights and sounds

Wild, succulent, vibrant pleas
to please and to punch out
the imaginary and the real.

Taste of flesh illusion tonight.
Illusion tasting flesh one more time
as if no time passed at all.

A wrinkle here, tears there,
touch and hear the sighs of love
vain or necessary, weighted pain.

The beating drum in my ears
echoed on the past of closed eyes
where I can still feel smooth

the skin I thought was beneath
my fingers ready and readied
believing I can make it to him.

In an instant, his thoughts
shut off from mine before
I was consumed or released.

He thinks he can escape me,
and I'll let him play cruel
for a moment or two before

I trap him again, and make
all his Questions and Doubts
break under my yoke.

Tonight is just like then
when thoughts collided
and when I thought I had a chance.

I am hopeless and secret
as I was years ago,
past and present -

only our bodies changed,
not this world and this dream.

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