In the valley of shadows
A dream has come
As the midnight hour arrives
The shadows seductive enchantments
Whisper to a single sleeping soul

In the beauty of a light subdued
Where the stars sway above
With humanity in deep repose below
He dreams the dream of love

As the night calls forth a bright full moon
This dreamer haunts the halls of time
Embracing once more its greatest frustration
And lives again the bitterness of it’s own failure

Then it comes by misty light
The likeness of her face
What is sorrow and what is pain
Here blends in shades of gray

A cry
A wound spilling its love freely
To spatter on the ground in stains of doubt and fear
And the powers of heaven never hear

His heart cries out against the night
Remember me no more
Then his soul is hushed in an avalanche of sorrow
As the beauty of her likeness fades he whispers
I have loved you

Now the wounded beast slips away
To brighter days now gone
Shades of summer and rustling leaves
Where life was young and uncomplicated
And the perils of the love unrealized

And but for the moment seduced by stars
The heart that faltered gains peace
Comfort in a shimmering sea of forgetfulness

And one born of joy is forever lost
To the darkness of loves deceit

William … After the fact

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