tagNon-Erotic PoetryPicking up Pieces

Picking up Pieces


Curled up in your arms
You dab away free-flowing tears
As I recount four days of pure horror
Rape and violence I thought would never end
I elucidate the damage
How wrecked I am
After everything that's come to pass
I need you to know
And understand

You do,
You always do
Your sanguinity habitually exasperated me,
The way you'd constantly see a loophole
Or that the glass was half full
You didn't look at me differently
I'd anticipated abhorrence in your eyes
And to my astonishment
Found none

Your eyes have always been so expressive
Frequently clouded by your painful history
That you constantly put aside
When my need surpassed your own
I saw only love and understanding
That I felt I didn't deserve
And to this day don't
But you'd always seen more worth in me
Than I ever did myself

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