tagErotic PoetryPleasantly Perverse

Pleasantly Perverse


you've seen my scenes
i'm the perfect pet
a salacious slut
the dirtiest black bitch
on the 'net
i'm the kinkiest kind
i'm perverse, diverse
with an unquenchable
sexual thirst
i'm the disgusting, lusting
cause of nut busting
but your sexual secrets
are safe with me
i'm a loyal lady
who you can trust
discretion is a priority
confidentiality a must
so divulge your desires
let us see what conspires
there is noting to fear
i will not judge
or ridicule
i only wish to please
and my sexuality
is my tool
so pull up to
my bumper, baby
put your key
in my ignition
my tasks are to
tempt, tease, and
and i succeed at
every mission
the wild side awaits
take my hand
as i take you on
an exciting sexual trek
filled with
friendly, freaky, fantasies
romance and respect

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