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Across a sea.
So far away.
A woman, good and true.

Across the same sea.
Still so far away.
The man who loves her.

Miles to go, thoughts fly fast.
An instant, and he is there.
Remember what was once before.

Stuck in a time he cannot reach.
Bound to a place he cannot leave.
A choice of love above another.
The hardest choice he never made.

He loves them both, above all else.
He’d kill or die for either.
But to keep his child, he lost his Love(r).

He continues on.
She, in his thoughts always
Her name on his lips each night.

2016, a long space away.
Alnwick, a long time apart.
A dream of future dreams.

A diatribe at fate.
Refusal to let go.
Of pain which will not heal.
For loss of purity. My Marion.

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