tagErotic PoetryRainstorm



Thunder, and a warm awakening beside you
Submerged in covers, spooned against you, molded to you
As rain hisses sibilant on the streets outside

Thunder, and a whimper from you
Stirred in your dreaming, you move closer to me, tighter against me
Your voice soft as you call my name, I answer you…you’re safe baby—

Thunder, and you turn to me, frightened of the lightnings
And the liquid violence of the rain
Treeshadows sweep across the window as the wind howls

Thunder, and you seek my lips, hands moving upon me
Needing closeness and solace from the weather’s riven fury
Grasping me, asking with soft stroke and moaning, now, please

Thunder, and we hear it not, distracted
Rapt in passion, moving smooth with delicious friction
Weaving better weather in our bed

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