The raven, it sits by my window at night
Offering advice in the pale moonlight.
It looks at me, asking about the knife,
Wanting to know if I'd take my life.
I roll the other way and look at the floor,
Pillow over my head; I don't want to hear more.
But the voice is so loud, it speaks so clear,
The raven's voice is all I can hear.
I glance at the window, follow the voice in my head,
Subconsciously knowing that it wants me dead.
I walk through the woods, approaching a clearing.
It's alluring voice, I am still hearing.
"Wouldn't you like to know what it is to fly?
No one will notice if you were to die."
I can hear the words "fucking slut", "stupid whore",
It's a nightmare I can't stand to live anymore.
I see the cliff, continue straight ahead,
Remembering all that people have said.
Stepping closer, I take a breath and look down.
The raven, it waits on the icy cold ground.
Then behind me, I hear someone walk.
I turn around, and he begins to talk.
His words are so sweet, and he says it is true;
"I promise there will be someone who loves you."
I look down the cliff; the raven waits no more.
Then I look back to the angel I grew to adore.
In the dark angel's arms, I explained all that I felt.
I know I was the raven; he saved me from myself.
That night he showed me that I needn't die
To get the wings that I longed for; I began to cry.
He was my dark angel, my reason, my love
And it was he who held me above.
It was he who would not let me fall;
I found someone to love me, after all.

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