tagNon-Erotic PoetryRecipe for Happiness #37

Recipe for Happiness #37


Recipe for Happiness #37

All it is really
is a clever combination
of distraction and transference
But hey, who’s keeping score?
                             Recipe for Happiness #37
I never said
I was in the driver’s seat,
you took that trip
by yourself
and it’s not a trip
I can say I have made
I just told  you
how to get there.
     Hollywood star maps:  $5
     see where  they lived
     and where they died
     An unhurried personal tour
     in the comfort of your own car
     Guaranteed 100% accurate
I wish I could fit
my swollen feet
into my own shoes
It’s that first mile
that kills me
and my blisters
are my badges
and when they burst
I mark my path
remind myself
to never come this way again
to never come this way again
and watch the sidewalk cracks.
     Friends, the time for asking is over
     Justice has been denied us too long
     and if we have to kill to survive,
     yes, we will survive
     if sated from the blood of our enemies
     Guaranteed 100% liberation
All it is really
is a clever combination
of hair spray and mascara
                             Recipe for Happiness #37
When sleeping in a strange bed
never leave your face
on the pillow
and bring a change of clothes
you can brush and floss
all morning long
but you still can taste the evidence.
They always identify the burned up body
by the dental records.
     Hey baby, how you doin’?
     You wanna party?
     You wanna date?
     Around the world
     in 80 ways...cash.
     Guaranteed 100% real
Standing naked in the bathroom
lookin’ in the mirror
and sometimes I can work up a
“Well, I guess it could be worse...”
but only on my best days
and only when those days come in glances
The hair, the mouth, the fat,
Only the head
Because the head is all that you’ll see
and aren’t we both thankful for that
so layer the clothes, the attitude
in a big bellowing stealth body
zipping through the room
trying to avoid the radar.
     Does your life lack meaning?
     Have you lost hope, lost faith...
     Stop your life of misery!
     Start your life of Glory!
     Guaranteed 100% salvation
All it is really, is desperation
But hey, whatever
gets you through the night.
                             Recipe for Happiness #37
It’s all one big song and dance
but if I stop
I may never find the beat again
so the show must go on.
Just ignore the man behind the curtains
and remember the machine
only runs on tokens
and that is what I do best.
So don’t expect your meal
to taste like what I feed you
Because I would never
be strong enough
to eat something which has failed
36 times in the past.

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