tagErotic Poetryremind me again

remind me again


I forgot
how long fingered man-hands feel
when they slide across my skin
cup my face
trace every curve
swerve to capture
my lips
with the tips
as he inhales the scent of me
I forgot my memories

I forgot
how smooth skinned man-muscles feel
as they glide over my body
smearing my breasts
to puckered peaks
making my thighs weak
while he molds me
folds me around him
and tightens his grip
I forgot the taste of man-lips

I forgot
how it feels to melt with a man
to press fiercely, intensely
until I opened up
my eyes
from between his thighs
and felt his sighs in my mouth
south of his lips
I forgot the defined line of man-hips

I forgot
how a man could make me feel
unbreakable, yet sensitive
in the wet core of me
impossibly sweet
circles sending me
relentlessly higher
I forgot a man’s fire

I forgot
how to be led by a man
I took my chance
and danced myself
across him, up him
breathed him
licked and grazed
across his memories
kissed their importance
I forgot the power of a man’s glance

I forgot
the woman I could be
until he made me see
my softly sensitive skin
slipping and sliding
across him
showed me how
to make him feel
like a man
and set myself free
I forgot how much fun a man could be

I love
how he reminded me.

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