tagErotic Poetryrough me up

rough me up


throw me on the bed
rip off my clothes
treat me like you treat
those two dollar hoes
gag my mouth
tie my hands
who else out there
is a rough sex fan
cuff my ankles to the bed
grab a handful of my hair
call me dirty names
cuss at me and swear
fuck my ass with no lubrication
choke the shit out of me
treat me like a hooker
make me feel dirty
defile my body
with your cum and urine
make me feel nasty
like a bitch who's whorin'
if i get out of line
slap my face
use your whip
to keep me in my place
rough me up
every chance you get
and keep me on a leash
'caues i am your pet
do what you want
do what ou fell
i won't say a word
or try to appeal

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