tagErotic PoetryRound Two

Round Two


He's here! She's so excited!
She's wanted, needed this for months.

She's missed his kisses, dick, and touches.
She can't wait to get on top, under, in front of, and any other way he wants!

She's all his this time.
She's his sex slave, his sub girl. For the most part.
He knows it.

Like before he picks her up at her house.
The greetings are exchanged, but it's not important.
She's got him unzipped, out, and in her hand
Moving so she can suck him from her house all the way to the hotel.

God, he is so gorgeous!
She really wants to fuck him.
He really wants to fuck her.

She's so wet and hot.
She's sucking his dick now.


Humming every now and then.

She's never done this before, while someone was driving.
New things are gonna happen.
Things she WANTS to happen
He's the only one.
The only one she wants to do these things to her, with her.

She's still sucking his dick.
Stopping every once and awhile to catch her breath.
He's making noises.
Which are turning her on even more!

But, she doesn't stop for long, she sucks, licks his dick.
They're almost to the hotel.
So close and she'll have to stop.
Or they can just sit in the car until he cums in her mouth.

Which should be very soon.
She sucks harder and faster.
She finally uses her right hand and moves it up and down in the opposite direction.


Humming again.


He finally cums in her mouth and she swallows every drop or at least tries to.
She sits up, licks her lips, smiles, and gets out of the car after he pulls in, parks, and shuts the car off.

She follows him acrossed the parking lot and inside the hotel.
As soon as they're in the elevator he pushes her against the wall and kisses her til it stops.
She moans, in the back of her throat, softly.

He breaks it, steps off the elevator and she follows him ot his room, once there she waits until he unlocks it.
As soon as both are in the room he pushes her ..hard..against the wall and kisses her, passionately.

She, of course, is kissing back and silently squealing for joy, because she's WANTED this.
This, the pushing hard against the wall and he's kissing her like he means it.

Before going any further, she's wearing her swimsuit top and black pants. Nothing on underneath.
Just too many clothes to account for later.
Much later!
And, her pussy is shaved, wet, hot, and so ready!

He's stroking her through her pants.
She thrusts her covered pussy into his hand
As she grabs his shirt and pulls him closer.

Soon, he has her turned around and walking backwards toward the bed.
Still kissing her, but trying to strip her at the same time.
Which is kinda humorous.

She breaks the kiss, pulling his shirt off him as they reach the bed.
Now, she's working on his pants, she has them undone and halfway down.
She's not letting him take her clothes off...yet.

She's pushing his underwear down now..Slowly.
Slightly scraping his hips with her nails, not too hard.

She turns him around, so he's touching the bed and pushes him down.
She waits until he's under the covers before she strips and gets underneath them, too.

She moves closer, pulling him to her.

"Now, i'm going to let you do what you've wanted to do."

"Oh really?"


He moves on top of her then goes down.
She closes her eyes as he reaches her pussy.
He spreads her pussy lips apart more as relaxes.

He flicks his tongue on her clit.
She gasps then moans.
He starts licking more and she's squirming, slightly.
She reaches down and spreads her lips apart for him
As he slides a finger inside her.
She moans again as she lifts her hips some.

She lifts and lowers her hips to meet his finger -tongue fucking.
She purrs, moans, and growls softly.
Still moving.

He isn't stopping. He's trying to get her to cum, she knows he is.
Then, he catches her ticklish spot with his tongue and she can't help but giggle.
Now, she's trying to move away, but not really.
She stays put and he continues.

She's shaking, giggling, and moaning at the same time. She moves one hand up to her left breast, pinching, rolling, squeezing it.
She moans louder.
She's trying
So hard
To cum.

"Oooh, keep going. I like that."
He does.

"Mmm, faster and a little harder."
He does.

Soon, or maybe not THAT soon she feels herself get drawn in enough to where she'll cum.
Which is what he's going for.
He continues
She's moaning more, breathing heavily.
Moving against him hard and fast.
She's close.
So close.

"Harder! Faster!"
She grunts as she cums.

"You can stop now. God, that was good."

He climbs back up and lays down.

"We're gonna have to wait if you want me to cum again. It gets harder and harder each time."

"Whatever it takes."

"Well, at least we both came..at least once. So, what now? Unless your in a hurry we can just keep going."

She doesn't really want to talk, though. She's not a talker, mostly.
What she wants is his dick inside her. It's been far too long.

He's playing with her.
She likes it.
He's hard.
She likes that, too.
But, before she can do anything he leans in and kisses her again.

What is it about kissing her?
Except for the fact that he knows that it's a turn on for her.
Whatever it is, she's not going to deny him access to...anything.
He knows that, too!

He's thrusting his tongue in and out of her mouth, fucking it.
She's resisting the urge to bite him.
But, the temptation is too much and she does.
She bites his tongue, gently.
She sucks on it.

She moves so she's straddling him.
She lifts up some as she reaches between them, grabbing his dick.
She grunts as she slides down with him going inside her.
God, she's so wet!
Oooh, he made a noise!
But, they never stopped kissing.

She's the one who moves away to sit up.
She moves slowly at first, adjusting to his size again.
God, he feels so good inside of her!
Then, she moves a bit faster and harder.

She scoots down on his hips some.
Forcing him to go deeper.
She grunts and moans softly.
She grinds her hips into his and he holds on to her.
Fucking her from underneath.

She leans down, using the bed as support she fucks him for all she's worth.


Grind. Rock. Tilt.
Her pussy's soaked and his dick is so...big.


She sits back up so he has better access to her breasts, that he loves so much.
He takes advantage of that. With one hand, at least while the other one stays
on her hip.

She moans a bit
He moans.
Wait...Did he just...?

She closes her eyes and rides him. Never stopping, never slowing down.
She's working hard.
She's working fast.

She moans again.
Feels too good NOT to.
She wiggles so she can hit her clit in just the right spot..ON HIM!
It works.
She watches him watch her

"This feels too good to stop, but it feels too good to not cum. Which is what you want me to do, right?"


"Does it feel good?"


"You like fucking me, don't you?"


"You like fucking me bareback, don't you?"


He's making noises...again.
Which are setting her off.
Now if he would just fuck her harder she'll be set.

"Oh my god!"
She says as she cums.
He already came.

She slows to a stop, unstraddles him, and lays down.

To be continued!

I'll even tell you the story on how we met and such. Which I know some of you want to know and have asked me several times.


We started talking in a chatroom then we moved to MSN and upon conversing on there, we met the next day in person.
Which is where "Hotel Lover" comes from.
He's a great guy. Gorgeous and sweet even though he can be an asshole in the chatroom.
He's a fantastic lover, despite being tired the first time, and he's so fun to hang out with, too!
Which is always a plus, especially with FWBs.

I, however, am nothing special, but he's going to argue with this, so i'm just gonna stop there.

The series "Friends With Benefits" is about him, too. That didn't happen..yet.. and it's just fantasy, mostly.
Actually, most of the stories ARE about him..or based on the experience.
And, it isn't his fault I had to use my toy. I usually do. It's SO hard for me to orgasm.

I'm not going to give up his name. I know him and that's all that matters. But, if I MUST give him a name....
I'll call him "CM" even though I don't call him that, personally.
But, he answers to "baby", too. Which is funny.

Are ya'll satisfied now? That's all you're gonna get.

Moving on....
This story hasn't happened..yet.
But, it's the plan...at least, part of it.
I'll continue with chapter 2 soon.

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