tagErotic PoetrySaga of Little Red RidingHood!

Saga of Little Red RidingHood!

byUncle Pervey©

Dedicated to Maria, my cyberspace inspiration!

Little Red RidingHood,
A perfect formed young maid,
Went to visit her Grandma,
It was a sunny day.

She was a perfect midget,
Just standing 3 feet tall.
Her body absolutely,
Divine though it was small.

I met her while out walking,
Just strolling down some paths,
My mouth began to water,
I hungered for this lass.

My mind worked with a fever,
A plan unfolded soon!
I'd have this saucy midget,
I'd do it before noon.

"Hi there lovely little girl,"
I spoke out with a grin.
"I'm not a little girl Sir,"
She said and raised her chin.

"I may be small but I'm not,
A teenie any more,
And though I may be little,
I'm a perfect thirty four!"

"Oh yes my lovely lady,
I see now that is true.
Your body's so delightful,"
I praised her and I soothed.

"I've got a little notion,
To prove that we're both right.
Lets stop awhile at my house,
I'll look you over right!"

"But Sir" she argued with me,
"I've got no time to spare.
I'm off to see my Granndma,
She's been just waiting there."

"Oh lovely lady" I grinned,
I said "We'll not be long.
Don't you think that we should prove,
That we were right not wrong?"

She tossed her pretty head then,
Her hood fell off behind.
Exposing all her glory,
Her hair so lustrous fine.

"Oh very well" she agreed,
And walked with me back home.
Where I soon had her naked,
And sitting on my throne.

"Please Sir forgive my peeing,
I had to go you see.
My bladder was so full Sir,
And I just had to pee!"

"Don't worry girl" I soothed her,
"You look so pretty there.
You make me want to eat you,
Your pussy's got no hair!"

"It's because I'm a midget,
I can not grow no hair,
Between my legs my pussy,
Just can't grow none down there!"

"Well lovely lady" I moaned,
"Don't wipe it when you're done.
I want to open your legs,
And wipe it with my tongue!"

So with a blush she finished,
And walked to where I was,
And squatted down above me,
My tongue did what it does.

I licked and slurped her pussy,
I fucked her with my tongue!
She moaned and groaned and wriggled,
She was about to cum.

I felt her hump my face then,
Moving her hips in time.
She gasped "Oh God" and climaxed,
I drank her cream like wine!

And as she collapsed on me,
Stretched out complete from love.
Her rose-bud peaked out at me,
And it was just above.

So I pulled her luscious hips down,
Engulfed it with my mouth.
I sucked and licked and fucked it,
My tongue bored in and out.

And before long I made her,
Hump her saucy bottom.
She cried out "Lordy" once more,
And filled my face with cum.

Now all this time my cock was,
Entrapped and straining so.
It jerked and twitched to get out,
And so I let it go.

It popped out in the daylight,
And raised it's head with pride.
And little Red RidingHood,
Could only say "Oh my!"

I watched her as she lowered,
Her head to use her tongue.
She licked along it's length and,
She almost made me cum!

I wanted her to suck me,
And pull me in real deep.
I knew my cock would blow out,
It's cum clean to her feet!

I felt my mind grow fevered,
I was about to cum!
I shot my load and scalded,
Her throat but wasn't done.

My cock was still as hard as,
A petrified stone rock.
I lifted her and pushed her,
Down on my still hard cock.

She cried out loud "Oh Lordy,
You're bursting me apart!"
I moaned "No love I'm only,
Giving you my heart."

I humped real slow and easy,
Until she loosened up.
I grabbed her hips and fucked her,
I fucked and fucked and fucked!

Her pussy's walls were clinging,
So tight and wet and hot.
With brain inflamed I climaxed,
I shot and shot and shot!

She groaned out "You are filling me,
With all your creamy cum.
It feels so hot and steamy,
I think I'm going to cum!"

And once again she felt it,
Her pussy spasmed tight.
And while she came she felt it,
Her pussy grabbing tight!

Squeezing gripping all around,
It milked that cock of cum.
As she collapsed I kissed her,
I knew I wasn't done!

I rolled her on her stomach,
And lifted her hips high.
I spread her cheeks and moved in,
I plunged my tongue inside.

I fucked her little asshole,
I fucked it with my tongue.
And then I slid my finger,
Inside and then my thumb.

She felt like she was ready,
I pressed my cock against,
Her scrumptious rose-bud asshole,
And then inside I went!

She cried "Oh God you're splitting,"
You'll rip my ass apart!
I soothed "Though love it's hurting,
For just awhile Sweetheart!"

And as I pushed my cock in,
I slid it in so slow,
I eased it in all the way,
As far as I could go.

I fucked her tight sweet rectum,
I fucked it with my soul.
I pumped it in completely,
Her cumming was my goal!

The day had passed so quickly,
The night was coming fast.
My little Red RidingHood,
Was such a scrumptious lass!

I said "My love you're staying,
We'll share some more delights!
You can't go on to Grandma's,
Because it's dark it's night.

So little Red RidingHood,
Stayed all the night with me.
We fucked all night and climaxed,
With multiple orgies!

Now every day I watch for,
Little Red RidingHood.
I lay in wait to meet her,
Out in the green-leafed woods.

And every time I catch her,
We do just what we should.
And fuck and suck the day through,
Me and Red RidingHood!!

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