tagErotic PoetrySaga - Rhyme of Johnny's Odyssey!

Saga - Rhyme of Johnny's Odyssey!

byUncle Pervey©

This is no story about “Robin Hood’s” giant friend,
That big hairy bugger that used the same name.
But a simple tale about a modern innocent,
And how he wound up playing sexual games!
This is Little Johnny’s odyssey to adulthood,
Which even mentally challenged people make.
And a lady living next door had to volunteer,
With a lustful urge to teach him, for his sake!
Little Johnny was the name everybody called him,
And everyone thought he had a simple mind.
He was a strong and healthy 25 year old man,
Even though his brain was like a boy of nine.
Little Johnny was popular when the boys played ball,
And each team would try to get him on their side.
Because he was big, and athletically inclined,
And when he played baseball, he played with pride!

He had a next door neighbor he called “Miss Monica,”
And Monica had built up a lust for him.
She knew his mind was just a kid’s, but he was a man,
And she reasoned to herself, she’d break him in!
Monica caught Johnny out one summer afternoon,
It was hot when she took him back to her pool.
She asked him if he’d like to get into the water,
She was sure he would, cause, she wasn’t a fool.
Little Johnny was enthusiastic, but was shy,
And he told Miss Monica, “I had no suit.”
“That’s okay with me Little Johnny,” Monica smiled,
“You don’t need to act shy with me, you Sweet Fruit!”
She suggested he undress and jump into the pool,
And Johnny didn’t need no further urging.
He turned his back to her as he removed all his clothes,
And his nakedness, started her lust surging!
He dove into the water from where, he was standing,
And he sliced into the water, with his dive.
Monica caught a brief glimpse of his member hanging,
And she grew wet, as her pussy came alive!

Monica was wearing the bikini she liked best,
It was her SPECIAL bikini, called a “Thong!”
She dropped her bathrobe on a nearby lounge, and dove in,
She hoped the plans she’d made wouldn’t take too long!
She slid along his body, as she came up for air,
And she let her hand caress, and squeeze his prick.
Little Johnny backed away, with his face turning red,
Feeling embarrassed, with his heart beating quick!
Little Johnny had felt her hand when she touched him there,
And he thought at first it was an accident.
While her hand had grasped him he had noticed her pretty breasts,
And in his mind a fever began to vent!
Little Johnny had heard his friends talk about the girls,
But this was the first time he’d been touched by one.
Monica smiled at him, and moved closer, and reached out,
And she whispered, “We’re both going to have some fun!”
Little Johnny’s pecker was, tingling, in her hand,
And he reached out hesitantly to her breast.
Monica felt satisfied that her plan was working,
And she used her fingers to rub, his cock’s crest.
She knew he wouldn’t take too long to cum, the first time,
And she kept squeezing, and pulling, on his cock.
She thrilled as she watched his dazed look of pleasure growing,
Little Johnny was about to get a shock!
Monica kept pumping his cock til it exploded,
She grinned when she saw the flush of his red face.
Johnny felt the sudden pleasure of his cum spurting,
And Monica knew, his lust had been embraced!

“Did you like that Johnny, did it feel real good to you?”
“Oh yes Miss Monica!” Was all he could say.
“Well come into the house with me,” she said with a grin,
“There’s lots of “fun” I want to show you today!”
Monica led Johnny by the hand into her house,
And led him down the hallway to her bedroom.
They entered the room and she took her bikini off,
And Little Johnny’s lust opened like a bloom!
He’d never noticed how pretty Miss Monica was,
And what he saw, had Little Johnny gasping!
He was goggle-eyed from her body he was seeing,
And he got even harder from her grasping!
Monica was smiling as she said “Come over here,
I’m going to show you all the fun games of love!”
She smiled as she continued, “You’ll be a good student,
I’ll teach you ways of fun below, and above!”
Monica got Johnny to stand where she was sitting,
She spread her legs and had her hands on his hips.
“Now HERE’S some fun I think you’re REALLY going to like!”
She leaned forward, and sucked him inside her lips!
Little Johnny gasped “Oh Golly!” with sudden pleasure,
As he felt Miss Monica suck him inside.
His inflamed brain felt lustful thoughts he couldn’t measure,
“Oh Miss Monica, Miss Monica!” He sighed.
Little Johnny felt that “Good feeling” coming again,
And he reached down and fondled her pretty breasts!
Then he felt his thing start jumping, and squirting,
And he watched her swallowing his cum with zest!

Monica kept sucking, and swallowing his hot cum,
She kept sucking til she’d sucked out every drop.
Then she looked up at him and smiled, “It’s YOUR turn Baby!
I’ll show you how to eat me til I say stop!”
“Now if you just kneel between my legs I can show you,
A “special place” all females have for pleasure.
I’ve heard that men and boys sometimes think it’s beautiful,
And I’ve even heard some call it, a “Treasure!”
Little Johnny knelt down and gasped “Oo, Miss Monica,
It’s so BEAUTIFUL, and just like a flower!
It’s pink inside and has a thing just like a petal,
And looks yummy enough for me to devour!”
Oh yes Little Johnny!” Monica lay back blushing,
She was starting to think she had a GOOD thing.
Little Johnny seemed eager to begin his eating,
And Monica thought her bell, “Just might RING!”
Little Johnny began licking out her wet pussy,
She felt his tongue sliding, all over her clit!
She felt her hot pussy start tingling, like crazy,
Then she started cumming, and cried out “Oh shit!”
Johnny was licking and sucking on her yummy meat,
And he was gobbling her tasty juice up!
She began humping, and moaning and groaning,
And Johnny kept sipping, from her pussy’s “cup!”
“Oh Johnny Baby!” Monica cried out in pleasure,
“You can eat my pussy any time you want!
You just gave me the best climax that I ever had,
And when we’ve rested, we’ll go on some more jaunts!”

“Now stand up Little Johnny, right here between my legs,
I’ve got to see if your cock is ready now.
Oh yes I see it is!” Monica sighed with relief,
Now Little Johnny, I’ll teach you how to plow!”
Monica reached out and pulled him a Little closer,
Then she reached and gave his hard cock a warm squeeze!
While Johnny moaned with pleasure, she guided him inside,
She pulled him close and felt him slide in with ease!
“Now listen Little Johnny,” Monica was gasping,
“Just keep moving your hips back and forth real slow.”
“Oo Miss Monica,” Johnny gasped, “This feels warm and nice,
And it feels so good I think it’s going to blow!”
Little Johnny started pumping, faster, and faster,
And Monica was moaning and humping too!
Little Johnny felt it squirting, and pushed deep inside,
And Monica felt his hot cum’s spurting spew!
“Oo! Your hot load has made me cum,” Monica cried out,
Now just keep pumping and fill me with your cum!”
She felt her pussy spasming, and felt it cumming,
And his hot cum made her pussy start to thrum!
“Oo Johnny Baby!” Monica was gasping with joy,
“Your six inch cock isn’t big but it’s got fire!
You’ve filled me up with your hot cum, and you did it right,
And as we rest, there’s one thing I desire!”

Monica’s fevered brain had a lust for his hard cock,
And she wanted it deep inside her asshole!
She didn’t know or think if she’d make him understand,
But she decided that that would be her goal!
Little Johnny was laying beside her on the bed,
And Monica thought she’d talk to him a bit.
“You know Little Johnny, there’s another place for love,
And the place I’m talking of is where I shit!”
Little Johnny was puzzled, and asked her “What you mean?
Is there a nice warm place for my thing back there?”
“There sure is!” Monica giggled, “and I’ll show you soon,
It’s a smaller hole, so, you gotta take care!”
Monica turned over, and laid there on her belly,
She spread her legs and told Johnny where to go.
When she had him kneeling between her legs, she reached back,
And she pulled her cheeks apart for him just so!
“Now Little Johnny, do you see, right where I’m pointing,
If you look right there you’ll see my pucker hole.
“Oh yes Miss Monica,” Johnny said, “I see it good,
It’s so pretty can I kiss it?” He cajoled.
Monica felt her desire growing, and burning bright,
She thought that Little Johnny was Heaven sent!
“Yes my Darling!” Monica moaned, “Do just what you want,
Whatever you do to me back there, is right!”
Little Johnny didn’t waste no time, or hesitate,
He began to squeeze and lick, and suck her cheeks.
Then he moved inside her crack, and started licking down,
And as his tongue probed her hole, she tried to speak.
“Oo Juh, Johnny Baby!” Monica couldn’t think straight,
“You’re go, going to drive me crazy don’t you know?
Oo Baby Darling! Keep moving your tongue in and out!
That’s right Johnny! Keep tongue fucking me real slow!”
Little Johnny was moving his tongue around inside,
And he was sucking hard on her spincter skin!
He kept sucking it til it turned red and puffy,
Then he moved up on her back, and stuck it in!
Little Johnny had never felt anything better,
This felt better than what they had done before!
As he fucked her in her ass, he felt his heat growing,
And he knew the way it felt he wanted more!
Monica felt his love muscle inside her rectum,
And she felt her spincter muscle stretching tight!
Then she felt him start humping, and his cock start sliding,
And the heat and friction it made felt just right!
Little Johnny was moving his cock in and out deep,
And Monica was squeezing her spincter ring.
Johnny felt himself start cumming, and he shoved it deep,
And Monica felt him gushing, like a spring!
Monica felt his hot cum spurting, and filling her,
And what he was squirting out felt like pure fire!
Then suddenly, Monica felt her own self cumming,
And they both kept cumming, til they’d both expired!

Little Johnny has some brand new games now that he plays,
And he don’t play baseball with his friends no more.
The erotic games he plays now, is with his neighbor,
And Miss Monica is who Johnny adores!
Even though Little Johnny, is mentally challenged,
And his mind is like a boy who’s mind is nine.
He’s found out that the sex acts he’s learned, he likes better,
And Little Johnny is happy, and feels fine!

The end!

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