tagErotic PoetrySanta's Christmas Party!

Santa's Christmas Party!

byUncle Pervey©

Santa had a party,
He'd invited all his friends.
All his Elfs were present,
And Snowwhite with her Dwarf men!

The party started nice,
Mrs. Claus passed out the punch.
No one knew who spiked it,
But Santa had a good hunch!

He knew his Elfs were pure,
With their thoughts as clean as snow.
He knew that Mrs. Claus,
Didn't use liquor or "Blow!"

He never thought Snowwhite,
Would mess around with liquor.
But he knew one small Dwarf,
Who'd sneak in a big "Kicker!"

Santa never figured,
If it was liquor or dope.
His party got wilder,
And Santa soon gave up hope!

Mrs. Claus was grinning,
And shaking her big behind.
She was feeling NO pain,
As her corset lost it's bind!

Snowwhite was standing on,
The table doing the can-can.
When she'd give a big kick,
The Elfs and Dwarfs cheered "That's GRAND!"

Santa sat down to watch,
As the party got going.
Snowwhite wasn't wearing,
Her panties and was showing!

Snowwhite showed her "Beaver,"
Every time she kicked up high.
Santa got a "Boner,"
From looking at Snowwhite's thighs!

Mrs. Claus came over,
To where Santa was sitting.
She eyed his big red cock,
And it was almost spitting!

Mrs. Claus raised her skirt,
And she sat on Santa's lap.
She guided him inside,
And it closed up with a snap!

Snowwhite had just sat down,
With both her legs high and wide.
The Elfs and Dwarfs lined up,
To get their turn there inside!

Santa guessed that he knew,
There'd been NO spike of liquor.
Booze would just "Slow you down,"
But "Cocaine" made you quicker!

Santa shot his hot load,
Of cum while watching Snowwhite.
She was having a ball,
And looked like she'd go ALL night!

Every Dwarf did her good,
And all the Elfs did her too!
She was white with "semen,"
But she wasn't nearly through!

In the meantime Santa,
Had grown big and hard again.
His wife was on all fours,
And packing all of them in!

Santa waddled over,
To where Snowwhite was laying.
He jammed his big cock in,
And soon they both were baying!

Santa did her pussy,
Then he turned Snowwhite over.
He grabbed hold of her hips,
And then old Santa drove her!

Snowwhite squealed and wiggled,
And Santa kept on humping.
Then he jammed it in deep,
Because he felt it pumping!

Santa loved her tight ass,
He'd never had that before.
He thought he just might try,
To pack Mizz Claus' back door!

It was after midnight,
His party ended at last.
Santa was running late,
So he cleared out of there fast!

Santa got his reindeer,
Hitched up to his loaded sleigh.
He gave his whip a crack,
And Santa was on his way!

As he flew through the sky,
Santa's party made him grin.
He laughed, "What a party!
Next year we'll do it again!!"

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