tagNon-Erotic PoetrySecond Chance

Second Chance

bysensual dream©

In the darkness I do wait, wondering what is my fate?
Are we to be, or me alone,for past mistakes I must atone.
You do not show,these are my fears.As my eyes fill up with tear.
Each one shed in sorrow and dread. For a love which now is dead.
Blackness comes to steal my soul,and takes it down to hell.
Forever it wil be dammed,for words I didnt tell.

  man ,woman,girl and boy.
  Life,death,dead, living,
  Sharing ,carin,lovin and givin.

These words I now say to you,for in my heart they ring true.
For the friendship you give unselfishly, unconditionaly love you have shown to me..

I speak to you now from my heart, asking for a brand new start.
For it is this I do now strive,Our new love.Which is now alive.

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