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Sexual Mumblings


Sexual Mumblilngs

When nakedness embalms the room
And excitedness in the blood bloom
      They sigh: Yeah baby

When her lips on his lips to kiss
And their eyes to close in bliss
      They moan: Uhmmmmmm

When their bodies into one merge
And their desires higher to converge
      They scream: Take me, take me now

When in her bosoms_ blindly he dives
And through her orgasms, he drives
      She moans: Yeah, suck it papi

When on his monitions she sucks
While his pubic hair she plucks
      He groans: Deeper, deeper baby!

When in turn she becomes bold
And her index in his rear to unfold
      He frowns: Oh that’s not so bad

When on the bed they both fall
And summer to bring during fall
      They murmur: Let’s fuck

When his stomach on hers to saddle
And her feet on the sheet up to paddle
      She begs: Put it in me

When the candles in the night go blind
And his path in the dark_ unable to find
      She instructs: No, not there

When her legs_ North and South they denote
And for her pleasure his pecker to footnote
      He grunts: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

When motions nonstop continue
And orgasms are no longer new
      The mattress cries: krip-krip, krip-krip!

When her next climax’s broadcasting is near
While fast pumping no longer is a fear
      She screams: Faster, faster, and faster!

When from below now being on top
She rides hard to crumble to rooftop
      He cringes: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

When from earth now on heaven he comes
While yelling from his lungs a beast he becomes
      He groans: Oh yes, oh yes, yessssssssss!

When the act becomes a thing of the past
And the beating of the heart is no longer fast
      They say:…

Junior Legrand

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