tagErotic PoetryShe's Divine!

She's Divine!

byUncle Pervey©

Mary lou is a sweet young girl,
With pretty eyes and soft brown curls.
She causes my heart some buzzin',
Because she IS my FIRST Cousin!

Her SWEET body's a REAL "Delight,"
And I LOVED Mary Lou ON sight.
She IS the PERFECT girl for ME,
And I LOVE her "Eternally!"

I told her how I LOVED her so,
And said "My love will grow and grow!
I need to have you by my side,
And I want to make you my Bride!"

We hunted up a "Preacher" man,
And I slipped on a "Wedding Band."
We took off on our "Honeymoon,"
And it was over much too soon!

Mary Lou is my SWEET LOVE CHILD,
And she knows how to "Drive" me "Wild."
She smiles and snuggles on my lap,
And laughs because she "stirs" my sap!

When my Angel starts undressing,
I thank God for ALL my "Blessings!"
When she stands naked "She's Divine,"
And I feel "Special" cause she's mine!

Mary Lou has such pretty breasts,
When I suck them I get no rest.
They're "Cones Of Sensuality,"
With "Hot Pink" nipples just for me!

Mary Lou has ivory skin,
With just a touch of "Gold" within.
Her belly's soft and womanly,
And it's silky warmth DELIGHTS me!

Her "naval" is a pure "Delight,"
And I love tongueing it each night!
I LOVE to TASTE her GOLDEN skin,
It's "Honey'd flavor" makes me grin!

When I get down between her thighs,
I ALWAYS find a SWEET surprise!
When Mary Lou shaved off her hair,
Its pleasure given we BOTH shared!

Her pussy's like a picture book,
It "Inflames" my brain when I look.
I see a "Flower" when it's spread,
And its "Beauty" goes to my head!

Mary Lou loves it when I eat,
Her pussy's tender luscious meat.
She gets WILD when I lick her clit,
And moans and groans and hollers "Shit!"

She LOVES to FEEL me lick and suck,
And I do it til her hips "Buck."
Then Mary Lou becomes unstrung,
And she starts "cumming" on my tongue!

Mary Lou's pussy juices flow,
And I lap up and swallow slow.
Her "juicy" pussy is SO fine,
And her cum tastes like "Golden" wine!

My girl's ass is pure perfection,
And it makes me get "erections!"
The way her ass cheeks hides her hole,
"IGNITES" and "INFLAMES" ALL my "Soul!"

She shivers with Joy and Pleasure,
When my HOT TONGUE finds her "Treasure!"
When she feels my tongue slide in slow,
Her LOVE juices begin to flow!

Mary Lou LOVES my "tongue-fucking,"
And LOVES to feel my lips sucking.
I "tongue-fuck" her til she's "cumming,"
And while she cums she starts Humming!

I ease up and "PLUNGE" it inside,
And I settle IN for a RIDE.
Mary Lou soon has me "cumming,"
And NOW I'm doing my OWN "humming!"

Her tight asshole is "Milking" me,
And "sucking out" my "Ecstacy!"
Then her "Anus" SQUEEZES me TIGHT,
And my brain sees EXPLODING LIGHTS!

My cock's inside her ALL the way,
And I'm "spurting Spray after Spray."
Her hole BURNS me like "HOT FIRE'S heat,"

Mary Lou keeps me DEEP inside,
And squeezes TIGHT with ANAL "Pride!"

Her asshole's TIGHT HEAT is "Divine,"
And our LOVE tells me she is MINE!!

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