Silent Love


We are friends who share in something more.
Did the Universe bring us together, living next door?
Our intimacy is base upon a friendship,
With no strings, no commitments, or relationships

Yet as we engage in our sexual desires,
Within me there is another flame that burns like wildfire.
We talk of our lives and of moments from our past
Stories of family and relationships that did not last.

Listening to you, I understand your desire to stay free
To not make it complicated and be who you want to be
I would not want to change the way you are
For in you I see a beautiful bright shining star

Still I have kept a secret within me as best I can
What would you say if I told you I love you with all that I am?
Would it change things between us, make you run away?
Or would you rush to my arms and want me to stay?

I do not want to lose you, my very best friend
Do I tell you how I feel or remain silent till the end?
Hard to know what to do or what to say
So for now I remain silent and take it day by day.

We talk about the things that make a relationship whole
Of togetherness and teamwork towards personal and common goals
Friendship, Faith, Love Understanding, Trust, Respect each play a part
Are all the foundation for a great relationship to start

Because I do love you I know for me that it is all there
Sometimes my silence is just too much to bear
I respect you, your beliefs and the woman that you are
Sometimes it’s hard keeping this love bottled in my heart’s jar

We act out our sexual fantasies, heated with passion and desire
Still I have others, us as a loving couple cuddling by a fire
Even just the day to day things that caring couples do
To fall asleep in each other’s arms and wake each day anew

I dream of how we could make it work if you are willing to try
No matter what I will say I will always love you till the day I die
Having you in my life is a blessing from above
I will give you my all for it is you I truly love

I keep my love inside, with you, deep inside my heart
There is no pain or sadness, only my love, pure and bright
One day I will tell you of this passionate love within this man
And hope you’ll take my hand and tell me you love me and understand

For now it only remains a silent love.

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