tagNon-Erotic PoetrySolitude of the Night

Solitude of the Night

byAbraxas Winterlight©

Darkness surrounds me, embraces me.
Shadows play with muted whispers,
Dreams dance in the silver moonlight.

I walk alone under the moons cold radiance,
apart from emotion, forgotten by love.
The wind mutters secrets , lore long lost,
which is forbidden to me.

I am lost within the solitude of the night.
Alone with my thoughts,
haunted by my memories.

Happiness, joy, brightness, and love,
all are ghosts that walk my past.
Loneliness is my companion,
solitude my bride.

The dawn is forever forbidden to me,
for my heart is denied that which it loves.
My home now lies in solitude and darkness,
for my heart lies forever away from you.

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