tagErotic PoetrySpecial Mother's Day!

Special Mother's Day!

byUncle Pervey©

Written on Mother's Day in 2004.

I love my gorgeous Mama,
She means so much to me,
I've loved her since forever,
Through out eternity.

I saw her naked body,
I marveled at the sight,
My sweet Mama had just bathed,
That's how Mom slept at night.

I laid in bed and watched her,
Through both cracks of our doors,
My Mama didn't know it,
That's when I FIRST ADORED!

Yes I adored my Mama,
From that first fateful night,
Her curves and breasts and ass were,
A wondrous delicious sight!

She only paused a moment,
And stood where I could see,
I grabbed my cock and jacked off,
I came my load burst free!

Mama's breasts are so gorgeous,
They're round and firm and small,
She has a pretty pussy,
And that ain't saying all!

When she turned to go away,
I almost lost my mind,
Cause I saw perfect glory,
Her crack and her behind!

That's when I really blew it,
Hot cum all over me,
That picture of my Mama,
Is burnt in memory!

When I got to be older,
I fantasized and schemed,
Of ways to get my Mama,
To fulfill all my dreams!

I finally got my wish filled,
It was a special day,
My Mama'd had a party,
The night before today.

My Mama felt so lonely,
Since Daddy'd passed away,
She cried there in her bedroom,
I went and had my say.

She was laying on her bed,
Face down I heard her cry,
I sat down and massaged her,
And then I heard her sigh.

As I was rubbing her back,
The sheet on her moved down,
And soon I had her naked,
Her skin tanned a light brown.

I used my fingers on her,
Massaging her soft skin,
I worked my way on down her,
Then thought "I'll just begin!"

My Mama lay there quiet,
As I caressed her tush,
I moved my fingers lower,
And ran them through her bush.

My Mama started moving,
She moaned then opened wide,
Her legs were spreading open,
My fingers eased inside.

She groaned out "Johnny Baby,
What we're doing is so wrong,
You make me feel so good though,
I want to sing a song!"

I moved my fingers inside,
I stroked her warm wet place,
And then I breathed "Sweet Mama,
It isn't no disgrace!"

"I've loved you always Mama,
Loved you with all my heart,
I've wanted you so long now,
And now I'm gonna start!"

"Oh Johnny dear" she pleaded,
Oh don't what will you do?"
I finger fucked my Mama,
I made her climax too!

She moaned and gasped "Sweet Jesus!
What have you done to me?
I've cum just like I never,
Had done before to me!"

I gasped out "Lovely Mama,
I want to taste your hole.
It's been my life's desire,
It's been my life time goal."

So I bent down and parted,
That sweet crack on her ass,
I put my lips down on her,
Sweet Rose-Bud and she gasped!

"Oo oh that feels so good son,
Please slide your tongue in deep!"
I licked her Rose-Bud over,
Until I thought she'd weep.

And then I pushed my tongue in,
As far as I could go,
I tongue fucked my sweet Mama,
And sucked her sweet asshole!

Before too long she gasped out,
"I think I'm going to cum,
Oh Johnny dear you made me,
With your tongue in my bum!"

"Oh Mama I'm so happy,
You taste so good to me,
Your flavor's just like Heaven,
Or nectar from the bees!"

I looked at her sweet asshole,
Looking puffy and red,
And then I gasped out "Mama,
I'll love you now," I said.

By now my cock was straining,
When I stripped it sprang out,
I laid down on my Mama,
It made me want to shout!

I felt my cock slide past it,
The crack of her smooth bum,
I pushed inside her asshole,
And fucked until I cum!

"Oh Mama" I cried loudly,
I'm gonna cum and cream!"
"Oh Johnny" gasped my Mama,
Fill me just like a stream!"

My cum burst out in gushes,
Of burning creamy cum,
I madly fucked her hot ass,
And finally filled her bum!

I laid there with my cock in,
Her hot and burning hole,
I breathed out soft and kissed her,
Sweet neck and licked it slow.

That's why this day is "Special!"
And why I have to say,
The first time I fucked Mama,
Was on her "Mother's Day!!"

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