tagErotic PoetrySquirrelly Shirley!

Squirrelly Shirley!

byUncle Pervey©

Squirrelly Shirly like to wiggle her ass,
And her ass was worth some real wiggling.
Shirley liked it when the men admired it,
It would make her grin and start giggling!

Shirley had an ass that was fully packed,
It was plump and firm and real well rounded.
Her ass was succulent and tempted me,
And all my lustful thoughts were well founded!

I got Squirrelly Shirley to go with me,
I told her how I wanted her sweet ass.
She grinned "If you want it you can have it,"
And you'll really love it too" said the Lass!

We went to my house and to my bedroom,
And I began by taking off her shirt.
Then I undid her bra and slipped it off,
And I unfastened and pushed down her skirt!

Shirley was the picture of "Pure Beauty,"
And her raven black hair flowed like "Wild Fire!"
She posed for me just wearing her panties,
And she filled my "Inflamed Brain" with "Desire!"

Her breasts rode high and stood straight out with pride,
With "Silver Dollar" nipples stained "Dark Pink."
I could feel my mouth begin to water,
"I'll suck on them soon" was ALL I could think!

Shirley was wearing "Bikini" panties,
They were sheer and showed her black pussy hair.
Then she slowly pivoted her body,
And I saw her delectible ass there!

I dropped to my knees and pulled her to me,
And I held her close and pressed my face tight.
The scent of her nearly drove me crazy,
And I knew I'd make love to her ALL night!

I reached with shakey hands to her panties,
And slowly pulled them down and off her hips.
Then I rubbed my face ALL OVER her ass,
And nuzzled inside her crack with my lips!

I fastened my mouth over her Rose-bud,
And Shirley moaned as my tongue slid inside.
I began to ream her with "WILD" passion,
As Shirley pushed back against me and sighed!

I ate her asshole til it looked "Inflamed,"
And her inner thighs were sopping wet.
Her pussy hair was shiney with her juice,
And I was going to eat all I could get!

I eased her to the bed where she collapsed,
And she moved her trembling legs apart.
I licked ALL of that wetness off her thighs,
And sucked her wet bush dry with all my heart!

Squirrelly Shirley pulled my head in closer,
Until I had her clit inside my lips.
I licked and sucked it til it swelled with heat,
And Shirley started humping her sweet hips!

I felt Shirley twitching with her cumming,
And I felt her love juices start to flow.
I slurped and swallowed ALL that she gave me,
And I felt my inflamed cock start to grow!

Shirley was laying crosswise on my bed,
And my bed was raised higher than was most.
Her legs were wide apart and off the edge,
And I could shove straight in and give the most!

I stood between her legs and pushed it in,
And her hot pussy enclosed me with fire!
It was hot and wet and clinging tightly,
And the way it milked my cock was "Inspired!"

I pressed into her steaming tight pussy,
And as my cock was spurting out hot cum,
Shirley gasped and shook with her OWN climax,
And I could hardly wait to have her bum!

I laid down and sucked on both her titties,
And I licked on each nipple with my tongue.
My sucking mouth made her buds stick way out,
I rested for awhile and then begun!

I helped Shirley roll onto her stomach,
And this arranged her ass JUST RIGHT for me.
It was lined up perfect like her pussy,
And then I started eating greedily!

It didn't take me long to get her right,
I had her asshole puffy and pooched out.
My plunging tongue had gotten her ready,
And Shirley knew just what I was about!

I moved up and rubbed my cock in her crack,
The smooth heat I felt, almost made me cum!
Then I pressed my cock against her asshole,
And pushed and felt it slide deep in her bum!

The hot moist heat I felt made my mind whirl,
I began sliding my cock slow, and deep.
The heat and friction, almost blew my mind,
And my hot cum's spurting deep, made her weep!

Her squeezing spincter's muscle milked me dry,
And my cock stayed pressed deep as I could go.
The muscles in her bowels drained ALL of my cum,
And her "Spincter's Ring" kept squeezing me slow!

I sucked on Shirley's titties more than once,
And I fucked both her holes throughout the night.
We both made love til we were both worn out,
And I'd found Shirley's ass, a "PURE DELIGHT!"

I made plans to stay with Squirrelly Shirley,
Her plump and firm ripe ass was MADE for me!
I promised me her sweet ass every night,
I'll love her ass throughout Eternity!!

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