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Stream of conciousness


The magic

It spins a tale
Of fine
Hiding the kernel of truth

Holding within
The secrets of

Wrapped in a web of love

Seeking meaning
Where none rests
Or where it all rests
Or where lies nothing more
Than average
The mundane
The grind

Grinding your hips
With the magic
Of it all
The story
The fine story
The tale
That has it all
Makes you laugh
Makes you cry
A hit with the critics

Critical thinking
Critical thoughts
Mixing like
Paint pots

Let go
Just let it all go
Just let go and
Be taken
Be given
Be loved
Just be
Just let it go and
Just be

Be thrown down
And ravished
Like the secret
That you keep stashed
No one wants to see
Or so you thought
Yet yearned
To explore
What might be
What you might like
What you might think is...

Funnel down the drain
Throw out the bathwater
Down the drain
The water has washed away
What was left
And now there is only
There is only
What there is
Only what there is

We cannot say what there is
We might say what we think there is
But is there...
But is there something...
Something there
We do not know
But IS there?
Or is what we think
Not there at all

All alone we wrestle
Holding down with
Sweaty palms
The thoughts we weren't supposed to think
The thoughts we couldn't help but think
The things we'll do
And things we've done
The people we've been
And the people we'll become
The thoughts of loss and hate and time
Thoughts of cups dripping of wine
Draining dry and flying high

Holding hands grasped tightly
As we take together
Take together
That leap
That leap into the future
The unknown
But we are not alone
No one is alone
I don't have much
But what I have is yours
I release my heart to you
Please handle with care
I'm not sure I've ever loved
The way I love you
It scares me
Oh yes it scares me
It means no one else has ever
Could ever
Hurt me... as much...
But I try not to let those thoughts
Creep into my story
Only taking the wonder, the love and the glory
Or so I would want you to think
But they are there
Those moments of
Fear of your mind changing
I have those, too
I always try to bring to mind
The moments we've shared
Undeniable truths
Glimpses, if you will
of love and truth and future
And smiles
And laughter

Always smile
Always laugh
Your voice
Your words
They bring me to the brink
But for now I hold myself in check
I keep behind the dam
The flood of
Laughter and losing myself
Losing myself in you
And with you
And to you
Being with you and
Loud, lustful laughter
Magical, musical laughter
Ringing in my ears
Singing in my ears

I am here
You are here
We are here
At the doorway
To the future
To the magic
The new magic


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