tagErotic Poetrystreet dick

street dick


hey you with the stiff dick
are you looking for a pussy to fuck
i'm giving away free samples
so it seems that you're in luck
lay on your back
close your eyes
i'mma ride this dick
just grab hold of my thighs
pussy this good
should not be for free
count your blessing and orgasms
for getting to fuck me
play with tits
or just let them sway
i know you're thrilled
to have met me this day
sometimes i just want to fuck
so i picked you off the stree
had the urge to ride some noncommitment dick
and swallow some relationship free skeet
don't ask for my number
or try to be my man
i'm just using for dick
this i hope your understand
i hear you breathing fast
i see your toes all pointed
the shit is gonna get fierce
'cause bitch i'm double jointed
both legs behind my head
you're gettin' rough and rugged
after i skeet
i send you back to the street
that dick was good, i loved it

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