tagErotic PoetrySubmitting to Lust

Submitting to Lust


This ballad is about lust
What it feels to crave
This ballad is about trust
Not getting what you gave
This ballad is about loss
Misplacing what you save
This ballad is about cost
Those who survive are brave

A hand against my breast collides
A kiss against my cheek
For a moment I forget your lies
Too petrified to speak

Your eyes are wild,
full of lust and I forget to hate
I see your smile
smell your musk, a terrible mistake

My innocence is ripe and rank
You breath it in and sigh
I feel my mind begin to blank
I fear that I may die

My naked flesh feels warm and wet
We rock against the bed
My loins are like a yearning pet
just begging to be fed

The hours pass and I start to cry
We writhe and scream, in sultry dance
So many other times you tried
Your voice rings, asking for a chance

Your love does not exist to me
You're nothing that I want to be
I'm trapped inside my dreams, you see
Your heaving thusts, they set me free

You fuck me to your hearts desire
My body burns with hate and bliss
I cast my dreams into the fire
and fill my lips with one more kiss

Your mouth is sliding up my form
Claiming your defiled prize
My love feels broken, weak, and worn
My fears are slowly realized

The passion drives me wild and
I ravage your body over and over
Lust covers me like grains of sand
A storm that drowns me and my lover

I banish my mind and my soul
I let it all go for this feeling
I know I am no longer whole
I don't care as I keep on screaming

I wish I hadn't fallen for you
Not a single word you said was true
When you're done you will find someone new
I'll be the one to tell you we're through

If I'd made better choices in my time here
Perhaps I'd have less to regret
But I'm crippled inside and I'm ruled by fear
I screw up and try to forget

I watch with amazement as you fill my insides
I don't want to look at what I see
I try to imagine a world without your lies
Or my ignorant will to believe

I know you're not the right one
to take my sweet embrace
But the deed will soon be done
All I can think of is your taste

And as I fall onto the bed, covered in sweet release
I can't explain the pain I feel, submitting to the beast
My youth is gone, with one foul swoop and what have I to say?
I didn't want to fuck you, but I did it anyway.

Years from now I'll cringe with every man's touch
I'll hate myself because I loved you so much
It will haunt me in my life and be my crutch
Life will go on in bitterness as such

When I have given up on hope
When no one seems to understand
I'll dangle on a thin rope
And he will take my weary hand

He will be better than you in every way
He'll love me the way I once loved you
One night I will kiss him and ask him to stay
The words he speaks, they will be true

When we make love it will have meaning
His touch will inspire my heart
Not just sinful, worthless screaming
It will move me from the start

As my cavern opens for him to enter
His hands massaging everywhere
He'll be my only thoughts, my center
My frailty and need I'll share

I'll groan and gasp with love divine
Thankful just to call him mine
You will not haunt me as I whine
with lust and love, I'll walk the line

I won't forget you, as I age
I'll marry and live on
You will not inspire my rage
As you think you've done

When I think of seduction and snare
It's tentacles of mistrust
In my mind, I'll find you there
Your eyes still full of lust

When my body wants and aches
for a man to feel my skin
My vaginal walls begin to quake
Love is found warm within

Debauchery feels almost great
Almost, until you're done
Don't let seduction seal your fate
Just for a little fun

Don't let your dreams become nightmares
Your love will be waiting there
to love and guide you full of care
To run his fingers through your hair

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