tagErotic PoetrySuch An Attentive Lover

Such An Attentive Lover


Such an attentive lover...

Laughing eyes above soft smile stir
desires into currents of warmth as
with tender touch and gentle kiss

he undresses you, until you would
swear every inch of your skin has
been caressed; the flow of your

wanting growing even stronger when
his lips first touch your breasts;
slowly and with care he draws from

you sighs, and more: a mild, sweet
cresting and delighted amazement at
a pleasure you had not known before

in this way, not quite the full blown
climax, but an almost relaxing release
you ride; yet he is not quite finished

for even as the delicious tingle lingers,
sinuous fingers insinuate themselves
into your narrow arroyo, reaching and by

gradual exploration, finding that place
into which the pad of his finger fits so
perfectly, steadily stroking as if to

invoke a genie instead provokes waves of
ecstatic exhilaration ere ebb those you
have already known; and in that moment

would you dwell for just a bit, to savor
this extended pleasure; and yet, he's not
quite done, this most attentive lover

for while agile fingers churned you
into a higher crest, lips flowed along
your quivering, passion moist body until

they came to rest upon your clitoral
stem and straining bud, so tender as
to nearly ache from the strong, deep

rush within you; faintly, you whimper;
push away, though not too hard; he
continues with nimble tongue to stir

your rapid beating heart into storm
that sends waves of nearly unbearable
delight crashing against the shores of

your consciousness; you reach yet another
peak before you've quite come down from
the one before, moaning as much from joy

as a need for respite, so you may recover
breath and sense, let the writhing of your
body inside and out calm...just a moment,

you need no more; you know he'll understand;
you smile softly thinking of his arms about
you, sweet whispers, until you glimpse his face,

hovering above and wonder when his smile
changed, the warmth in his eyes become an
unholy fire you feel as a cold burning in

heart and womb even as he enters you,
his shaft like unto a rod of arctic iron
instead of flesh, and you realize even

as your tremors turn to trembling, he
is not yet finished with you, no, not he
who is your oh, so attentive, hungry lover.

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