tagErotic PoetrySwitch Pt. 1 (The meeting)

Switch Pt. 1 (The meeting)

bySir Phoenix©

Sir, here I am before You
Into Your eyes I’m drawn only

Should I bow, should you kneel?
Should this breath I take you feel?

i’ve waited here as i was told
for fear that You might leave me lonely

I’m taken by your lowered eyes
But see mistrust in that disguise

i assure You Sir, no disrespect
but do You even know my name?
what are Your thoughts, what are Your dreams?
If there’s mistrust, there’s N/none to blame

And what of you? Do you desire?
Do you need My touch, My fire?
I expect a lot, but I’ll be fair
And treat you with a Master’s care

But do You even know my name Sir?
i need to know this is no game Sir

sit or kneel by Me, at My side
and keep Me company this hour

what then Sir? will You know this girl?
Would You be so kind as to share Your world?

I’ll share My name. My world, you’ll earn
Do not lose sight of Who holds that power

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