tagNon-Erotic PoetryTatelou Quits Smoking

Tatelou Quits Smoking


One day Tatelou said to us, I’m quitting smoking, guys.
Written down the whynots and I’ve written down the whys.
Do you have some help for me? she said to all of Lit,
Any tips or good advice to help me really quit?

Sub Joe told her give them up for one day till you see.
I agree, Black Tulip said. I found it worked for me.
Quit them cold, the only way to go, I said to Lou.
She agreed and said that lollipops may help her through.

Rude Dude said don’t use a patch and mentioned Dutch support.
Nausea just might help you, Lou, The Earl said in rapport.
Yuk and eeew and Blurgh! she said. I just might try it, though
Pop begged off but wished her luck and hoped she’d make it go.

Liar said he smoked no more because of smelly breath.
Mindy said stay off the booze; I hope you have the strength.
‘Dita said she quit them once but started up again.
Watch out for the triggers, dear, I wish you well my friend.

Dirt Man said he wished her luck although he’s smoking some.
Remec told of habits, how they’re hard to overcome.
Pierce Street told a story that he hoped would help her quit.
Give them up! remember that your life depends on it.

SnoopDog’s not a smoker but advised on saving dough.
BT led us cheering, yelling go, girl, go, girl, go.
Phildo said that exercise will help you quite a bit.
Charley said stay out of bars and sex will help you quit.

Raphy offered hugs and Destinie could do the same.
Tatelou thanked them, cuz the hugs could help her win the game.
Dirty Lover told her how he quit them recently.
Once again we stood and cheered, directed by BT.

Icingsugar checked in, said he wished the best for Lou.
Whispering Surrender told us Raphy said so too.
Phildo led us in a cheer but then he called her “Tat”
Tatelou thanked him for the cheer and said don’t call me that.

Lee said this is how I quit and gave some good advice.
Sorry that I’m late Mhari said and kissed her twice.
Smoked for thirty years said Lime and quit not long ago.
Ev’rything is better, ‘specially sex and food you know.

Summer Morning said don’t be a quitter when you try.
I can hypnotize you, was the word from Dingus Guy.
Lin said hey, I missed a sexy avatar of Lou.
Goddess said that writing gives her hands a job to do.

Sailor gave encouragement in case there was a need.
Made the team said Belegon because I quit the weed.
Maybe you can help me quit, Erotic Writer said.
Lou, it’s been a month or more since you began the thread.

Lew the Dude is reaching out and helping guard your back.
Boxy George is writing stories of you in the sack.
Even went so far to write this really silly rhyme,
While the lewd, licentious one is giving you his time.

All the folks I know on Lit. are truly on your side,
Giving you encouragement to help you turn the tide.
Giving you advice and saying what you ought to do,
Saying hang in there, my dear, we hope you see it through.

If you haven’t had a smoke since you began the thread,
If you are enjoying things your husband does in bed,
Ev’ryone is proud of you, we see you standing tall.
Please don’t start to smoke again; you’ll disappoint us all.

This was a fun poem to write and I hope you enjoy it too and vote if you do. It's a true story, also, and the thread is included in Authors' Hangout under "I Need Help", if you want to see if I missed anybody who contributed.

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