the way you hold me
makes me wet between my thighs
and when we're in the midst of passion
i release satisfied sighs
you take me to a place
my hormones have never known
and i show my appreciation
by the way i moan and groan
the way you fuck me
makes you an impeccable lover
your dick's the only dick i need
and i'd never fuck another
i love the way you use your tongue
to give my naked body a bath
making love to you
is the most pleasure i can have
when you go down on me
the sensation is very intense
no one can eat me like you
of that i am convinced
i love it when you kiss me
from my head to my toes
i love holding your cock in my hand
and feeling it as it grows
i love it when you cum
shooting your load all over me
i love getting cum baths
they make me look so sexy
when it comes to fucking
i rate you as a ten
and that includes
women not just men

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