That Girl


Who the fuck is that girl?
What happened to her?
She used to be so fun,
so outgoing.
She was really something in her day...
but now?
Fuck, not now.
Have you seen her?
She's a wreck!
A fucking train-wreck if I've ever seen one.
What has she done to herself?
Remember that confindence she used to exude?
Yeah, I barely remember it either, but I know she used to have it.
And remember how she used to love life?
That girl really knew how to have fun,
how to live,
how to love.
Look at her now, though.
Have you ever seen someone so broken?
So twisted?
So mangled?
I mean really...look at her!
Fucking sad what she's become.
So fucking pathetic.
What a weakling.
What a goddamned joke.
That girl...
I don't envy that girl.
Oh fuck...
I am that girl.

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