tagErotic PoetryThe Beast

The Beast


When I awake the world changes
I throb and pulse, angry and demanding
Wet, slick, and stinky
Uncontrollable, needy, ruthless

My yearning possesses my mistress
I command her attention

She slaps me and stabs me
Hoping, beyond hope, to slay the beast
I am ever more difficult
My reek of want unmistakable

I fight the bitch, as she fights me
Neither win, tired from the struggle

A taste of satisfaction, but
Inflamed, insistent desire
My need increases day-by-day
I crave redress from a worthy opponent

The first adversary is rough and inexperienced
Her efforts without skill or finesse

The battle is dull and unsatisfying
I scream for fulfillment
Now more than ever
Needing to prove my worth

My next opponent is a masterful tactician
Her use of subterfuge catches me unaware

Too late, I realize the match is engaged
She pounds me and subdues me
A slayer intent on taming me
This delicate warrior splays me open

“Fuck my cunt”
My mistress cheers her champion

I lay dying in a pool of warm satisfaction
My soldier soul prays we meet again
Demanding this tender contest and sweet death
When I awake once more

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