tagErotic PoetryThe Compline Devotion of Sister Julian

The Compline Devotion of Sister Julian


The inward life, quiet and contemplative
Must ever call me.

I cannot be anything but still,
Listening to the silence,
Looking into shadow,
Waiting for What is there
To say something,
Astonish everyone

Except those who have been waiting.

All these years of looking into darkness
Have left me blind

To everything about me
I can’t see my sisters
Peering with me.
I can’t hear my sisters,
Listening with me
For the voice of God
The sight of God

And the prayed-for union with Him.

Who has felt the divine penetration,
The ecstasy of His essence
Filling the body,
The soul,
Touching the mind,
Turning one mad;
A divine madness,

So devoutly sought-after?

I have not yet been so blessed, and so I watch
and listen in stillness. And bitter envy.

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