tagNon-Erotic PoetryThe Devil, The Joker: Kahee Virjah

The Devil, The Joker: Kahee Virjah


Note From The Author: Its about time you simpering whimps shut up about the spelling. Thank you. For godssake don't start up again, ya dig?
This Poem is the longest one I've ever written. Not by length of the verses and such, but by years its taken to complete. Truth be told, I started it when I was 13 years old. When I first began to notice poetry. I'm due to be 24 years old this September. God was it that long... please, when reading it, let your crique be subject of only the poem and not outside bullshit like again "spelling" and... well god thats it... shut up about the spelling. Thank you.
Inspired by the poems "The Bells, Paradise Lost", the book Memnoch The Devil, and the short story "The Tale Tell Heart.".. oh and of course my hero, and batmans biggest thorn by side, The Joker.

The Devil, The Joker: Kahee Virjah

I hate the light.
Drowned in everclear and amber waves
of makers seem delight.
Withered in her lustful time,
as the waves sought high and high above the
ever fading violet failing sky.
My eyes doth pierce the failing light
in hopes fair night sky
surely in my delight will fall tonight.
Soon soon soon,
soon the failing light will night become,
my loving lovely mistress night.

Fire in my voice to call for hells admission
to my beck and whim.
Agony and chaos,
sick is such as my joy and mischief
breed my boiling lust for hell.
I'll not quake in the eyes of the shadow;
I'll not slip into the vice of the man.
I hate how goodness feels.
I hate I love I love the love of passionate
vice and sin and how it feels.
Till my bride, Cera Gajiha, comes bid me
dare not oppose the heavenly throne.
I must, says I, I will.
Fie on my lifes honor if my choice is not the pain.
Fie on my bloodly bliss if my choice is not the power.
I'll not wish't the death, but pray the life,
so to suffer them eternal
with my horror as my dish.
Weep no tears and shed no faithful prayers
from thy soften full rose bud lips.
I'll hear them not when the throne I challenge
is my enemy on my list.

So does Cera fall
on broken knees for her husband, I,
my wickedness.
To challenge the holy throne'd king almighty.
A challenge made once by he who is weak,
yet given govern soverignty over the firy pit.
Another has come to challenge him.

Who goes, who waits, who stands before,
says the Sainted Pete.
Who goes, who waits, who stands aloft,
again says he.
I... the only word I dare reply.
Who goes, who waits, who says I?
Says the Sainted Pete.
I... the Devil, the Joker.
I say once, and once alone.
Who dares to come so forceful in his command
to dare say I, and a second reply say, Devil,
Joker, and dare say I?
Roars the Sainted Pete.
Kahee (Ka-He) Virjah (Ver-Ha)
I dare to say,
how I love to dare this fate.
VILLA'N Roared he. Scoundral come to the
holy gates and dare say I, Devil, Joke, dare again say I, Kahee Verjah!
Says the Sainted Pete, with fire in his voice,
his throat drawn heat.
I came to challenge his command.

With open the gates of the holy kingdom
stop and rest to wait for earthly kingdom due to come in revolation,
did open the gates and step forth a hollow wristed one.
Dare to mock my glorious hate when he did spake,
Forgive I do, forgiving you, my son.

I come not for you! I challenged this statue'd
son of the throne'd one and only king.
I come for he who throne'd and seated
yonder heavily seat.
So aside stand thee, and let loose those hollow
wrists no more.
Were't though my only son and heir,
those hollow wounds touch thee would'st not.

Again spake he,
I forgive and love my tender one.
You know your sin,
and sin must face within,
to repent and serve thy prison term,
but forgiveness in devine,
I forgive thee, my love,
ten fold I forgive.
Yet do for you, I weep my tears,
for the choice that brought thee steaming here.
I forgive you.

Weakened in my short demand,
to fly aloft and never land.
Did not see, but thought me free to say to he,
a challenge on my honor to be king
of the red sea'd wonder called hell.
King I'll not be till a new challenge to he
the sovergn prince of the power,
the morning light.
I'll have this kingdom,
come my life.

(To be continued...)

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