tagPoetry With AudioThe final deluge

The final deluge


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Wet hair clung to your face that evening,
Like every desperate lover
Who'd stumbled into your embrace;
Shining black pools
Settled into the hollows of your temples,
Begging to be brushed away by slender fingers
So lips could occupy the territory...

And they did.

Blond hair hung like limp gold
Around the marred lips,
Brushing lousily along that temple
Laying siege to your neck,
Starting downward in the downpour
As if those lips believed
The joints of your thighs to be holy ground...

And they did.

That wet and pliant mouth surrounded steeled flesh
As you held onto the stainless showerhead,
The hot rain branding your skin, your head, stainless
And enveloped in velvet nothingness, a void
So erotic it blotted out your thoughts
And seemed as if the vacuum would consume
All space and time and thought and Gods through you..

And it did.

The power of sensation so explosive you yelled in chords,
Echoed tongues shattering the tiled walls
As strands of limp gold twined lousily in your fingers,
Held even more tightly than your past.
Your knees rocked like a boat on the Sea of Galilee
And you drowned in shock when your eyes left your guilded savior
To rest on me in the doorway, as if some dark death appeared..

And it did.

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