The Gift


A singular moment when
a rope binds my wrists,
all the while wishing
for the touch of Your lips.

Your gaze ever intent
as You bind me just so,
quietly watching Your movements,
emotions grow.

This feeling of binding
and dominating me thus,
no other person would I give
this undying trust.

Knowing I would not run
and yet keeping me here,
knowing I am Yours and
there is no one so dear.

In another moment
Your hands bind my ankles also,
knowing if I were to stand
I could no sooner go.

Your movements slow as You
meticulously tie me up,
my eyes uncovered on purpose,
this I know of us.

You want me to watch
as You bind and keep me still,
knowing this action will
drive me to a greater thrill.

So slowly You move,
lingering often on my soft skin,
tantalizing my nerve endings
from where You begin.

This act of binding me
has also begun to affect You,
I find I can not hide my breathing,
it is faster too.

Your body can not hide its desire
it is growing still,
while my body anticipates
this intoxicating thrill.

Trussed and secured,
now all that remains untouched,
is the vision I have of You securing me,
eyes of trust.

Looking in my eyes
You have a blindfold next in line,
Knowing I will not see anymore,
from this point in time.

Gently Your hands secure it
as my vision turns to black,
my sense of hearing, touch and smell
more astute at last.

Rustling around me
Your movements continue just so,
while I am unseeing,
anticipating what?.. heaven knows.

I sense Your departure
in the quietness that ensues,
left feeling helpless,
feeling such desire for You.

I hear Your return
in the stillness of this place,
Your hand reaches out gently
to stroke my soft face.

You know my senses are high,
wanting to fulfill Your needs,
my senses heightened to sound,
blindfolded... I can't see.

Your voice breaks the quiet
in this blackened room,
sending chills over my skin
knowing I will feel You soon.

A simple command telling me rise
to a kneeling position,
doing as You say, I can feel You close,
yet lost to vision.

Your cock presses against my lips
as You speak again,
telling me to suck it hard,
wanting that pleasure within.

Your hands in my hair twisting,
turning, tugging abounds,
while my mouth takes Your cock
and strokes with slurping sounds.

Guttural moans of pleasure
fill the darkness as I beg,
until I can feel my desire
slowing dripping down my leg.

Your hands more persistent
shoving your cock deeper still,
starting to gag uncontrollable,
loving feeling Your thrill.

Shoving it deep in my throat
willing it to stay there,
while Your hands continue to pull,
tug and twist my hair.

Knowing my limits You withdraw it
so I may catch my wind,
then just as quickly You bury it deep,
gagging me yet again.

Panting, moaning wanting to please You
beyond all you know.
I take all You offer me, still
wanting more, begging You so.

Finally withdrawing
I hear Your quiet moan of taking time,
feeling Your movements change,
You come quietly up behind.

Your hands press my shoulders
pushing me forward in place,
my elbows bending, lowering,
till the floor touches my face.

Your hand pressing me forward hard,
tells me not to rise,
wondering what Your next move
will be, anticipation inside.

Feeling Your finger tracing
the wetness running down my leg,
the timbre in Your voice
wondering if You should make me beg.

Squirming in place my voice
breaks the still of the night,
wanting to beg You Sir,
wanting to please You just right.

A crack of Your hand on my backside
is a deafening blow,
"I did not ask you to beg little one,
this you know."

Screams of pain permeate the room
while You spank my ass,
Feeling hot stinging as Your assault
continues to last.

All the while I can feel
the drips running down my leg,
Lost in the grips of pleasure and pain
still wanting to beg.

At last there is mercy
when Your loving hand takes a rest,
slipping Your fingers gently
into my hot wet love nest.

Your hot breath joins Your fingers
causing sweet torment,
sighs of pleasure replace my screams
of painful consent.

Withdrawing completely
I feel that void of Your touch,
squirming again, longing to feel
Your hands so much.

I can feel You dripping
hot liquid over my ass and hips,
gently massaging, rubbing,
Your mouth delivers a kiss.

Kissing the very sight
that Your hand assaulted my ass,
knowing this memory will survive
while the pain will pass.

Hearing Your deep voice
in the quietness once more,
You remind me of my place
and most assuredly Yours.

Your tongue finds my wet pussy
then continues upward till,
I can feel it lapping my ass
pausing, licking, lapping thrill.

Feeling guttural moans from Your body
while your mouth touches,
driving me wild with desire,
feeling those physical rushes.

Asking me specific questions
while You massage the oil,
my mind a whirl of images
while my blood continues to boil.

A simple, "Yes Sir", or "No Sir"
are the only words I say,
as You continue this sweet torment
in Your own loving way.

When You ask me the question
that I have longed to hear,
my heart jumps for joy.
Under the blindfold, I feel a tear.

"Do you wish to be Mine,
will you always submit to My way,
will you do all I ask of you,
pleasing Me every day?"

"I wish to be Yours,
to accept whatever comes our way,
I find I think of You often,
throughout my lingering days.

I am already Yours Sir,
so there is no need to ask permission,
I have felt Your loving hand.
I offer You my submission."

Your hand massaging the oil on my ass
resumes its soft play,
my joy at knowing that soon,
I will be Yours in every way.

Your thumb presses hard
against my ass hole, slickened now,
then slowly slips inside
causing me to gasp, quietly I bow.

Your cock in hand
now covered with oil, awaits its task,
Your other hand grabs the blindfold,
removing my mask.

Peering over my shoulder
to see You poised at my ass.
Smiling, knowing that this
is the finale, to what You ask.

Slowly removing Your thumb
from my well oiled tight hole,
Your hands grasp my hips
leaning toward me, wanting me so.

Your cock pressing gently
upon that which will soon part,
knowing it is more than my ass I offer,
but my soul and my heart.

The emotions coarse through me
while Your cock rests still,
not knowing when You will enter me,
nor how it will feel.

Feeling You pressing
coaxing me to relax to allow You enter,
I will myself to breath deeply,
calmly relaxing better.

Your hands strokes my sides
reaching under to my breast,
grasping my nipples, massaging,
twisting the way I like best.

My mind distracted by your touch
helps relax me more,
Giving You this opportunity
to slide into my tight back door.

The head of Your cock pressing hard
finally impales my ass,
lingering lovingly,
waiting for the initial pain to pass.

My painful scream upon Your entrance
turns to whimpers,
I want to feel You deep inside me
to feel You there first.

Slowly moving, slightly urging
my relaxing for You to dive,
into the depths of my ass...
filling me, still growing inside.

The feel of Your rock hard cock
inching deeper inside me,
causes me sweet pain and yet
I flourish upon what I see.

Looking over my shoulder
I see Your face in sweet anguish,
pleasing You and loving knowing this
is what I truly wish.

Adjusting to Your cock
stretching my ass to accommodate You,
I begin to press backward slightly,
telling You I want more too.

Inching inward I feel Your hips
as they soon rest on my ass,
knowing that You are buried inside me,
claiming me at last.

Withdrawing slightly
pressing forward again stroking slow,
My sweet pain subsides quietly
till all I want is to know.

How it will feel to have You
stroking faster, pounding away,
I thirst to hear Your pleasure,
fucking me hard, this way.

Pleasing You and feeling
sensations coursing within,
I feel more dampness on my legs,
cum drips from me again.

Looking into Your face,
sensing my gaze You open Your eyes,
A smile is shared between us
then I see Your eyebrow rise.

You know I am ready for more,
You sense what I feel inside.
Your hands grab tight onto my hips
to take me for a ride.

Withdrawing slowly then pressing
so deep, so hard, so fast,
screams of pure pain and pleasure
from my lips soon pass.

Screaming, begging Sir to fuck me
faster, harder, deeper.
wanting to take all You have,
to please You, my dear sweet Sir.

Feeling Your hard cock pounding
deeper and faster inside,
my screams, our moans, our pleasure
is nothing to hide.

Then sweet release as Your cock
takes one last plunge,
I feel your seed spilling inside me
with a final lunge.

Your body pressing deeply inside me
holding on so tight,
Your groans of release fill my senses,
glad for my sight.

Your face of anguish shows me
You are indeed satiated true,
a smile of contentment finds my lips,
knowing that I please You.

Your hands reach for the bindings
releasing me at last,
Wiggling my wrist and ankles
gaining strength there fast.

Grasping my hand You pull me
to lay within Your embrace,
Snuggling into your arms,
I have found my place.

Your words are like balm to my submissive soul.
"I will be your Master, until we both grow old."
My words in return, solidify all that we know.
"You are my Master, my very heart and soul."

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