tagErotic PoetryThe handy man

The handy man


The handy man

Pillow, soft and feather filled
A place to lay my head
The secrets that you hold within
Still fill my heart with dread

He came to me to fix a tap
That dripped both day and night
Who would have thought that handy man
Could hold a girl so tight

His smile was cool, his eyes so blue
His body hard and lean
And when the sweat dripped from his brow
It made me more then keen

His name was John, or was it Bill?
Not that I should care
His tool was perfect for the job
I could not help but stare

I watched him work, to fix that leak
He fixed it good and tight
I saw his muscles pump and flex
It made me feel so right

I made him lunch, to give him strength
I took him to my room
I told of one more thing to fix
It needed fixing soon

Without his pants, without his shirt
His vision made me quiver
His tool was hard, so big and long
It promised to deliver

He lay me down on pillow soft
And licked my pussy dry
He push his cock in deep inside
The pleasure made me sigh

This guy could fuck, this handy man
He kept it up so long
He made me come a hundred times
I never thought it wrong

When he was done, his pants restored
I showed him to the door
No sooner had he gone his way
I found I wanted more

My man at work, my kids at school
My days are all the same
But then the handy man came by
I know I should feel shame

To my delight, another leak
So up the steps I ran
To find the phone, and call again
That sexy handy man

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