tagNon-Erotic PoetryThe Mirage of Love

The Mirage of Love


Have you ever wanted something …
Wanted it so badly.
You see it all around you
Yet when you reach to touch it
Like a mirage
It’s gone.
Yet the feeling stays with you
The ache and the need
Wanting to hold it
To feel it again
You know it’s out there
You can see it
Across the desert of time
If only have the strength to cross
But when you get near
It vanishes
As if it never was.
Like a camel, you thirst
To drink from its pool
And refresh your soul
You are hungry -
Hungrier than you’ve ever been
Yet the sweetness of its fruit
Is forbidden to your lips.
Or so it seems.
Others are allowed
Many others.
But you must stand
Outside the mirage
And wait your turn.

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