tagErotic Poetrythe pleasure poet

the pleasure poet


when you hear my name
there's a positive connotation
i'm a hell of a poet
and great at the art of flirtation
my specialty is arousing
both of the sexes
if i were a car
i would be a lexus
not just coast to coast
i'm known world wide
my poetry stimulates
and your excitement you can't hide
when you see my pictures
you automatically touch yourself
my photos and words do wonders
for your sexual health
i love licking pussy
i love sucking dick
oral sex's my favorite
it's what makes me tick
no one can blame you
for ejaculating to my shots
i'm known as the woman
with the world's juiciest twat
other women want me
it's not just men
'cause my body is good looking
not too big not too thin
you love the words i write
and the sexy things i say
when you fuck with me
the urge to cum you can't delay

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