tagNon-Erotic PoetryThe Reality Check

The Reality Check


I wanted to write that Hell isn't real, but for some reason, being the powers unseen they were denied.

So Jehovah wants to be real, and so does the Devil. Unfortunately my cause is still alive.

No matter how much I wish all of this to be a fable. No matter how much I want there to just be a Bible instead of a Word of God.

We were created into a purist dictatorship who uses the fear of the horrid Hell to push his agenda on everyone.

I don't care about no stupid fruit in the garden, I ask why was Satan even there?

God is love is a fable. For love puts the need of that particular person ABOVE yourself.

Not say that torture is something that must be, nor can justice ever be personal.

I'm telling each and everyone of you when your suffering in Hell without hope of any end. The day will come when you would have longed for the chance to stand with me against such horrid torture.

By then, it would be too late. I stand now, not for myself, but for individual rights for all of creation.

In the end its not going to matter, the only thing that will matter is what you do with Jesus.

Being brainwashed to bypass the passion in life to live out the rest of yours in a purist society, void of understanding.

Jehovah is real and so is his puppet, the Devil. It doesn't matter what you believe. Because Christ died to tighten the noose, now there is no excuse.

Let me describe by scripture, what Hell really is. You the reader, then can look it up and judge for yourself.

I have tasted and seen that Jehovah is worse than the Devil, and both are the same. Selfish and only interested in their own private goals to actually care about someone else.

God is love is a fable. Jehovah loves only himself.

Read the Word of God for yourself, and I hope eyes will open up and see exactly what horror Jehovah is capable of.

(To those who looked up and read for themselves. You will find I explained Hell ass it is written in the Word of God.)

The flames burn hotter than brimstone, at the time that was the hottest substance known by mankind. The way I see it, Hell burns hotter than anything we can achieve as man.

These flames engulf the body, head to toe your covered in a fire which will constantly burn.

You are forever in this cursed state, which means your a rotten corpse with all of your nerves intact, constantly on fire and filled with worms eating your insides, which never die.

I cannot be the only person alive that sees this as such cruel and heartless torture.

I'm fighting for those countless billions of people suffering every second of the day. Every second is so very precious to them.

I truly believe that if Jehovah was all he claims to be, then nothing would cause him to even dream of such torture.

It's better to burn in Hell than to condone it in Heaven.

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