tagErotic PoetryThe Shower III

The Shower III


As my eyes are closed, a sudden slight change in the air happens.
My lips part seductively, as a light mist surrounds my body.
Feeling ghost fingers gently cup my full breasts, raising me up.
A wet tongue trails down my spine, licking me, tasting me.

My body is raised high, and somehow, I stay pinned in the air,
As I feel a wet tongue trail over my smooth lower cheeks.
Caressing delicately, each kiss is given lovingly, yet firmly.
Until finally, the tongue snakes in between, causing me to gasp.

Ghost hands part my thighs as I remained pinned in the air,
Slowly, the wet tongue slithers up my soft wet womanhood,
Down to my forbidden area, licking me like a sweet dessert treat
A soft moan tears from my throat, as the tongue impales me deeply.

As the long wet tongue slithers deep inside me, tasting me,
Strong ghostly fingers trail down my back then over my hips.
My body is pulled closer to the hungry mouth devours my body
The motion of his tongue impaling me, causes my body to rock.

Suddenly, I am spinned around to face this ghost, still pinned
My back against the shower wall, my legs are parted firmly
Feeling a warm breath, a long slow lick is placed between my petals
One last time, the tongue impales me to my womb to gather nectar.

There was a moment of silence, then suddenly he kisses me softly,
Ever so slowly, a big shaft is felt at my little pink petals
Parting them slowly, coating its tip with my sweet nectar.
My body arches in response as the shaft slides deep inside me.

My hands grip the wall, as my body is lifted by the impact
Of the big shaft sliding deep inside me, stretching and filling me
I gasp in desire as I feel the head throbbing near my womb
Thrusting in and out, lifting my body in passionate rhythms.

Suddenly, my breasts are squeezed within powerful hands
His Fingers squeezing tightly until my little nipples are pointing up
My eyes closed, my body arched, my breasts thrust forward, I moan
As seemingly both nipples are suckled and tugged upon by mouths.

I hear the ghost moan in pleasure as his big shaft is buried deep,
Within me, I feel him stretching and filling me, thrusting faster.
My head is tugged back by my hair, his teeth nipping my neck
As he plunges deeply, so fast and hard now, lifting my body high.

Suddenly, I am spinned around again, my back facing him,
As he plunges inside me again, from behind.
His big hands grip my hips as he thrusts deeply, and hard.
I whimper in ecstacy, feeling pleasure-pain in his roughness.

Seeing stars behind my eyes, a pressure builds in my body.
Suddenly, I explode into a huge orgasm, yet he continues
One of his huge hands grips my breasts from behind
The other holds my hips, as I faint from the overwhelming passion.

My eyelids suddenly flutter open, my body covered by a comforter.
I move slightly, but I feel the tenderness upon my little womanhood.
I love bite is left behind on my neck and inner thigh,
And as I turn my head, a single blue rose is left upon the pillow.

.....The End.

Written by: ~LadySensualFire~

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