tagErotic PoetryThe Sounds You Make as You Leave

The Sounds You Make as You Leave


I do not like the sounds you make as you leave. They are harsh and lonely. Your washing at the sink. Your putting on your clothes. The sound of the zipper of your too tight dress. Even the clap of the heels of your boots as your feet slip into them. These are sounds that lead to your leaving. Not sounds that make me happy.

Only a few hours ago, I heard different sounds. They are music. A symphony of desire. The quiet squeal of delight as I swept you into my arms and lifted you off your feet. You feel so light in my embrace. The sound of your lips kissing me, and later the marvelously wet sounds of them sucking me. These are much better sounds.

The sound of your dress as it falls from your shoulders to pool around your feet. The thump of your boots as the are kicked off, hitting the wall, breaking the lamp on my desk. Even the laughter that comes from you as a result.

I love the sound of your submission. The words "yes, Master" in a hoarse whisper as you assume your place at my feet. The sound of the rope, the end hitting the hard floor as I tie you. These are good sounds.

Each slap of my hand on your ass brings a smile to my face. Every gasp you manage through the soft gag as I twist a nipple, roughly finger fuck your pussy, or grab the tender flesh of your ass. The grunts and groans as I force myself inside you again and again. Good sounds.

And of course, more than all of these, the sound of your passion as you come. Softly, first. But as each come washes over you, the tension in your voice increases, the desperation builds. You are frantic. when will it end, where will it lead, how can you stand it? But in the end, it does come.

We both do.

And that last sound you make, the one I hear as you are wrapped in my arms. The soft mewwing in time with your breath. A kitten's purr, and angel's song. That is the sound left in my head.

No. I do not like the sounds you make as you leave. The others are far more wonderful. Stay with me. The music we make together is wonderful.

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