tagErotic PoetryThe Sweetest Taboo

The Sweetest Taboo


My fingertips they trail
And glide across your moistened skin
Lower they do venture
Aching to commit this sin

  I feel your touch
  So seductive, yet sweet
  Your blood rushing through my veins
  With the rise of my body heat

I breath warmth upon your clit
Tongue poised for the assault
Your lips so lush and wet they wait
I pray you do not ask to halt

  Breathe deep as I look at your hardened flesh
  So in need of my kiss
  Close my eyes and slip it in
  Tasting my brother's bliss

My warm moist tongue is pressed
Against your parting folds
Sliding in so slick and deep
In your sweet damp hold

  I gasp as I feel you enter
  Then continue sucking his tip
  Trying to focus on your member
  and not my throbbing clit

I draw a short sharp breath
And swirl my toying tongue
Your walls they clasp it tight and snug
Your taste so fresh and young

  So sinful yet so right
  I suck harder as you go deep
  Trying to match your speed
  And the incredible pace you keep

Aroma escapes your lips
As you seep from deep within
I lick and suck and drink your juice
Savour my next of kin

  Take him deeper in my throat
  Trying not to gag, just suck
  Then feeling him go deeper yet
  As your anxious hips buck

My breaths increase in length
As i draw closer by your mouth
I drag my fingers to your clit
They linger further south

  I cry out with ecstasy
  Then swirl my tongue around
  I quickly grip his base
  As I slide my slips snugly, up and down

My fingertips encircle
And caress your throbbing clit
My tongue it works and flicks and delves
Bring you closer bit by bit

  I feel myself grow close
  And start to suck you harder
  Wanting you to cum with me
  Praying I'm not farther

I tingle and i tighten
So i lick and flick to pace
I lust to drink your sticky dew
As i fuck your pretty face

  I scream loudly with the first contraction
  And suck you faster than before
  Moaning while I slide my tongue around
  Lusting to taste more

Your walls they squeeze my tongue
I thrust it deep and fast
My fingers eagerly rub your clit
And hope your gushing cum will last

  I suck the head, hard and fast
  Cumming hard against your mouth
  Stroking the base of your cock in my palm
  And sliding him quickly in and out

I moan and cry your name
As my pulsating tool explodes
Your tongue enticing streams of cum
Your hand milking me for loads

  I pull your member from my mouth
  Your juice dripping from my tongue
  Panting as you breathe deep against me
  Enjoying the sweet taste of your cum

Indulging in my sisters scent
It lingers on my lips
We share our name, and now our cum
A release which brings such bliss

  I role off his cum-covered face
  And lay breathless next to him
  Then I look into his deep blue eyes
  And know here, a new love begins

By Cat and Danny

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