tagNon-Erotic PoetryThe World Spun Around Me

The World Spun Around Me


The world spun around me; pulled me so many ways
When out of the darkness, softly calling my name.
"Come to me, my love," and that gentle pull on my leash
"Look at me, beloved" He turned my eyes to his face.

Felt his hands touch my body and love reach to my soul
All-consuming passion filled me; his love made me whole.
His eyes held mine fast, never letting me stray
His bonds held me tight, never letting me sway.

I savored the security as my love held me down
I heard his hands gripping and tearing my gown.
Leaning back in his arms as his own held me tight
Crying out softly as he filled me with love’s light.

As the moment unfolded, his hands held my face
“Look at me love,” his voice whispered with grace.
I gave him my pleasure, my body, and my soul
And it the blinding rush I felt our forever unfold.

My soul runs to him blindly; the world falls away
Melding into his sweetness, my heart swept away.
I gave him my worries and I spilled out my fears
He said he would take them for years after years

I let it pour out into strong tender hands
Felt myself lighten and crave his commands
I whispered the words, as I knew my heart must,
“I am Yours...” I told him; “It is you I do trust.”
He laughed out his pleasure, spinning me ‘round
I was the happiest lady this earth ever found.

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