tagNon-Erotic Poetrythis gardener's ?impropriety?

this gardener's ?impropriety?


You ask me to speak to You
the words You want to hear
the descriptive words of passion
just audible for Your ears

the feelings i have inside for You
the fire You ignite
sends me reeling my thoughts of U/us
entangled through the night

my silence only means to me
that You invoke in me
a passion so intense
that takes my breath away

will i ever break past this fear
of You hearing these words from my lips
surely You'll hear these spoken thoughts
and laugh under Your breath

i sound so foolish saying these words
that stumble inaudibly from my lips
i trip over my thoughts of You and i
against eachother hip to hip

i want so bad for You to know
this intensity You bring to me
if i could only say to You
these words would set me free

together W/we would build up this fire
and burn out of control
until W/we lose ourselves completely
O/our bodies becoming whole

One with eachother You and i
bridging the miles in between
if only i could find the words
to finally ignite this dream

i don't know if i will ever
say to You these words
but when You see the look upon my face
the words won't have to be heard

You will see from the heart
everything i've longed to say
that i couldn't say on the phone
when W/we come together on that day

my Sir, the day will come when You will see everything i have to say...written all over my face the thoughts of You the day of O/our embrace

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