tagNon-Erotic Poetrythis gardener's plea + response

this gardener's plea + response


at one time You wouldn't take me until i told You he knew
and consented to my relationship of D/s with You

Your heart is easily taken you said You fall in love and to get involved with you like this will surely not be enough You said i will never make you do anything you do not want to do and if i ever felt that way i needed to tell You so

Your friends told You not to get involved with a married woman at all and i begged and pleaded that it was alright an enhancement it would be with You telling me to please him the enhancement was easy to see

You said, "as long as I know you care and in your heart I know it's true I will put my reservations aside, I will do this for you..."

You defended me to Your friends with discretion for all involved Your decision to go forward eventually evolved
W/we talked almost nightly about this and that and sex You impressed me with Your knowledge i fell in love with You Sir XXXX

i told You a partial truth because i thought it was ok until the day he found out just what i had to say about You and Your domination of how alive You make me feel my world came crashing down my thoughts begin to reel

he found out and it proved arduous a task for he and i
to uncover the reason for my infidelity the reason i could lie it made me realize that my theory of enhancement was only partially true there are problems in my marriage i was feeling alone and blue but regardless of those facts that we'll work on to this day i cannot deny the truth
~~i want to be owned by You ~~

Dear Darling XXXX i write this because i know in Your heart and mind the words and the confusion go back and forth like mine… do You want to continue? even though i'm not owned by You?

im not prepared to make a choice and You do not wish to share do You think W/we should stop for O/our hearts to be spared?

my Sir's response:
"your poetry makes me weep for you I choose to keep"

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